Sedgwick County* PT Courthouse Police Service Officer in Wichita, Kansas

This job was posted by : For more information, please see: Employer: Sedgwick CountyDivision: CH PoliceJob Title: PT Courthouse Police Service OfficerSalary: $11.909 HourlyJob Description: Job Objectives:Provides safety and security services in protecting the courts, employees, and citizens who occupy or use the Courthouse, Juvenile Courthouse, and other County facilities. He / she also is involved in protection of the property of Sedgwick County. Methods used include the use of Magnetometers, x-ray machines, hand scanning, physical pat downs, foot patrols and vehicle patrols. Detains persons wanted by warrant or commitment Essential Job Functions:Provides safety and security functions to preserve the public peace, and insures that dangerous items are kept out of the Courthouses. Provides lobby-screening to ensure unauthorized people, weapons and other dangerous/illegal objects/substances do not enter the building. Safely and efficiently greets and directs the public through the metal detectors and arranges x-ray screening of their property, to include hand scanning and physical hand searches of both persons and property, if needed, in a friendly and courteous manner. From the point position, greet and instruct the public on how to x-ray their belongings and approach and clear the metal detectors. The officer will check employee badges/LEO credentials and Fast Passes to insure they are current and valid, when they enter the lobby portal or pass the Control Center. The officer must be sensitive and alert to medical conditions which would necessitate a person to circumvent the scanning equipment, will notify other officers and send the persons around equipment to the hand scan position. The officer when working the tray position will greet and then ask the person to remove all items from their person. Visually and physically check the bowl or tray for prohibited and contraband/illegal items, and return the tray to the individual after they have successfully walked thru the metal detector. The officer when working the hand scan position will visually recheck trays and ask the person who alarms to recheck their pockets, hand scan completely, checking ankles by hand, and check all points that sound the hand scanner. He/she will Issue claim checks for all knives and other items to be held while a person is in the Courthouse. Assist the tray person in determining who does/does not clear the metal detectors. The officer working the x-ray position will visually check the image of all purses, bags, brief cases and packages that cannot be opened by hand, and ensure that property is picked up by the person who placed it on the belt. When a restricted item is found, they will notify the officer in the hand scan position, so it can be checked, or in the case of contraband assist with the arrest and restraint of the person. When working the Control Center- the officer will screen to ensure unauthorized people, weapons and other dangerous/illegal objects/substances do not enter the building. When working the Control Center- the officer will answer the telephone in a professional manner, monitor the Courthouse alarms, and will gather necessary caller information and dispatch officers as needed. When working the Control Center- the officer will monitor deliveries, the Maintenance Compound access, the West Gate access, and monitor the camera systems, remaining aware and alert to threats at all times.Provides safety and security functions to preserve the public peace, by Roving Patrols-to deter illegal activities and confrontations, by a visual uniformed presence, and provides assistance to citizens. The Officer will provide a thorough check of the entire Courthouse complex by exterior and interior patrols. The Officer will Issue parking citations as warranted. Officers will escort persons as needed inside and outside the Courthouse. Officers will greet citizens and the public they come in contact with in a polite and professional manner, assisting and answering questions and giving directions whenever possible. Officers will make cases on police incidents, and will log required counts on the appropriate forms. Officers will respond quickly to alarms, and calls for assistance, notifying the Control Center or a supervisor they are in route to the call. Officers will handle the situation in a calm, professional manner. Officers will find a solution appropriate for the situation he/she encounters. When warranted, a Service Officer will detain suspects and request a Police Office to conduct arrests as required. Assistance calls- To respond quickly, in a safe and timely manner to calls for assistance/alarm calls, disturbance, entry and/or fire alarm reports, and/or reports of disruptive behavior within the Courthouse complex.Provides safety and security services for the Courthouses, the District courts, the Protection from Stalking docket, the Protection from Abuse docket, the Domestic law dockets, tax foreclosure sales, the Small Claims Court, primary and general elections, and tax appraisal hearings as needed. As needed Officers will standby to protect a Judge, Jury, and courtroom occupants from possible harm. Officers will ensure a respectful attitude from participants in