Bechtel Marine Propulsion Corporation Experienced Radiological Controls Technician in WEST MILTON, New York

Radiological Controls Technician
The Radiological Controls Technician (RCT) position
offer hands-on type work typically in the field in an
industrial work environment performing a variety of
tasks including the performance of radiological surveys
in support of site operations, overview of radiological
work evolutions, and emergency response. The RCT upholds
the radiological standards during the performance of
work, provides mentorship of peers, and must use
resources efficiently. Often the RCT will work
independently and must be capable of effective decision
making in the absence of Radiological Controls
The RCT will be required to complete a substantial and
demanding qualification program to develop a high level
of knowledge prior to functioning as a technician. The
qualification process includes site specific orientation
and training, and a 22-week course at the Radiological
Controls Technician Qualification School in Norfolk, VA.
Initial qualification and future periodic
re-qualification involves demonstration of practical
abilities, written and oral examinations and emergency
response drills. Candidates must be capable of passing
mathematics exam at the beginning of the qualification
process that demonstrates they posses mathematical
skills allowing them to solve algebraic equations,
including the use of logarithmic functions and
scientific notation. Qualified technicians will support
and participate in a continuing training program to
maintain and improve their level of knowledge.
AAS in engineering, science, technology or Journeyman's
A minimum of six years of relevant experience.
AAS in engineering, science, technology or Journeyman's
A minimum of nine years of relevant experience.

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