Western Governors University Intern - Process Engineer in United States

Intern - Process Engineer

Job Description

The Intern-Business Process Optimization Engineer (BPOE) is responsible for developing and implementing academic business processes which are optimized to support the growth, service level, and cost performance needs of the individual colleges and functional practices of WGU. This position works very closely with the business analyst in the Education Technology team and the process owners within the Academic Operations teams to drive detailed redesign and re-engineering of current process, and to also lead the establishment of brand new, breakthrough, processes to ensure WGU’s fulfillment of our Student Obsession mission and goals. The Intern-Business Process Optimization Engineer (BPOE) brings deep working knowledge of Lean and Six Sigma tools to analyze and design optimized processes and value streams as a working member of project teams. This position works to optimize both the fine process details of very focused workflows; as well as, working to optimize groups of process (systems) which drive value streams across multiple colleges or functions. Intern-Business Process Optimization Engineers work to model capacity, service levels, outcomes, and cost over time in conjunction with Finance and Operations teams to predict and prevent supply and demand imbalances leading to sub-optimized process performance.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities –

  • Responsible for using Lean and Six Sigma tools and methodologies on project teams and process redesign teams.

  • Performs detailed process analysis using Lean and Six Sigma tools to drive the design and implementation of optimized business processes for academic operations practices, functions, and colleges.

  • Creates and maintains a detailed business process architecture mapping of the Practice’s process.

  • Constructs and communicate project status reports at all levels in the organization.

  • Consistently exhibits WGU’s Leadership Principles.

  • Responds with urgency to organization needs and exhibits excellent judgment to deliver results.


Required Skills

  • Proficiency in English.

  • Excellent written, and interpersonal communication skills.

  • Fundamental knowledge of Lean & Six Sigma tools and concepts.

  • Fundamental understand of process analysis and design.

Required Experience

  • Enrolled in college and working toward a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering.

Job Location

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

Position Type