CellAntenna Corporation Electronic Assembly Technician in United States

CellAntenna is seeking a skilled candidate to provide assembly service in support of our engineering and technical team.

The candidate must be able to work independently; using basic hand and power tools assemble pre-determined components, assemblies, and parts kits from work orders and drawings. Electronic assembly, soldering and testing experience requried.

Electrical Assembly

  • Use hand tools typically used for mechanical, electrical, and electronic assembly such as screwdrivers, wrenches, wire strippers, and crimpers to complete subassemblies of consoles and other assemblies.

  • Use power and air tools such as drills, hole saws, counter sinks and taps, crimpers and strippers, belt sanders, grinders, and heat guns to perform a variety of tasks such as cutting, prepping, stripping, and soldering wires for installation of power supplies, brackets, and electrical enclosures and covers and other electrical and mechanical subassemblies.

  • Identify and recognize defective components and assemblies and follow through to resolve problems.


  • Able to read, decipher, and follow written instructions.

  • Able to use a tape measure or ruler to determine proper lengths of material to be cut, using fractional and decimal based math.

  • Able to use basic math skills and count accurately for determining proper sizes of materials to be used, completing time cards and counting material and parts.

  • Able to lift and move materials and tools weighing 1 lb. to 40 lb.

  • Able to perform body movements and physical coordination consistent with variety of assembly processes: bending, leaning, sitting, standing, climbing, arm bending and extension, finger and hand control over small to medium size parts, push and pull exertion.

  • Able to recognize and identify color coding on electronic parts and wiring