State of Michigan Adding Classifications to Applicant Pools in United States

Job Description

The Michigan Civil Service Commission is Accepting Applications to

Add Classifications to Applicant Pools


If you have active passing test scores from one of the examinations for jobs in the Departments of Corrections and State Police, and you have gained additional experience, you can add more classifications to your applicant pool record. You must enter a State of Michigan Employee Identification Number to be processed.

You must possess the minimum qualifications for the requested classification(s) and have active passing test scores at the time of submission. You cannot apply to this posting to take a Civil Service Test.

If you apply to this posting and do not have active passing test scores, you will not be processed or notified.

Current state employees can review their Self-Service Account for the active test scores and expiration dates.

Please refer to the Job Specifications for the minimum qualifications at

Required Education and Experience

Corrections Supervisory Examination

Available classifications for consideration:

  • Correction Shift Supervisor 12
  • Corrections Security Inspector 13
  • Correction Shift Supervisor 13
  • Correction Shift Supervisor 11
  • Resident Unit Manager 13

State Police Lieutenants Examination

Available classifications for consideration:

  • State Police Detective Lieutenant 14
  • State Police Lieutenant 14
  • State Police Specialist Lieutenant 14
  • State Police First Lieutenant 15

State Police Sergeants Examination

Available classifications for consideration:

  • State Police Sergeant 12
  • State Police Detective Sergeant 12

If there are no classifications requested on the application when it is submitted, it will not be processed.

Revised 12/3/2015

Location: Multiple Vacancies and Locations Available – See Posting for Details, MI

Job Type: Examination ONLY

Department: Examinations ONLY

Job Number: 1999-13-ADDING

Closing: Continuous

Bargaining Unit: N/A

Agency: State of Michigan

Address: 400 South Pine Street Lansing, Michigan, 48909

Phone: (800) 788-1766