Georgia Employer RESIDENTIAL MANAGER in Valdosta, Georgia

Job Title: Residential Manager Exempt Line of Business: Residential Reports to (Title): QMRP/Program Coordinator or appointed designee Salary Grade: Job Code: 736100 FLSA Status: Exempt Nonexempt Created/Revised Date: Driving Position: Yes No ESSENTIAL JOB RESPONSIBILITIES Supervises the provision of assistance to person(s) served in order to promote their physical, social, and psychological well being. Monitors and ensures staff follow agency procedures to promote optimum safety practices to provide a safe environment. Monitors and ensures staff follows agency procedures to promote optimum health care and behavior supports. Monitors and ensures staff completes all documentation as required to ensure quality services. Supervises staff interactions with person(s) served and support staff to promote the rights of the person(s) served to achieve enhanced quality of life. Ensure MSDS (material data safety sheets) are present for all supplies/chemicals as applicable for assigned service sites. Conducts timely performance reviews. Maintains a work environment that supports dignity and fair treatment of staff. Participates in recruitment, ensures vacancies are filled in a timely manner, and participates in all hiring and termination decisions for assigned locations. Ensures that staff is deployed appropriately, and that staffing ratios are in compliance with regulatory and service plan requirements. Prepares and posts schedules in a timely manner, and efficiently utilizes staff. Oversees staff training and orientation and maintains records. Reviews and provides feedback on all staff documentation, including time and attendance, requests for time off, etc. Ensure staff is properly trained on MSDS for chemicals/supplies. Serves as a positive role model and supports development of staff. Conducts staff counseling and corrective action including work improvement plans and follow-up. Ensures applicable OSHA compliance standards are met and all related training occurs. Documents training and compliance in accordance with ResCare and regulatory requirements. Promotes the individuality of person(s) served by ensuring that common living areas and bedrooms are individualized to reflect the personality of the person(s) who lives there. Implements systems for disposal, collection and storing of medical waste. Implements and oversees Best in Class initiatives for assigned service site(s). Provides timely and appropriate feedback and oversight on staff documentation, including daily progress notes, data sheets, and incident reports. Ensures that each person served has an activity schedule developed and implemented. Oversees implementation of services outlined in person(s) served service plan. Oversees implementation of and compliance with audit systems. Observes the implementation of client rights and coaches staff on choice issues such as possessions, use of money, and church preferences. Assists with the review and tracking of incident and accident reports. Responds to emergencies for person(s) served. Participates as needed with investigations involving persons served and employees at assigned service site(s). Monitors labor hours and ensures assigned service site(s) are operating within budgetary guidelines. En