The Arc of Litchfield County, Inc. 3rd Shift Residential Counselor in Torrington, Connecticut

3rd Shift Residential Counselor


Torrington, CT

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Be responsible for the health, well-being, and development of individuals we serve. Work in conjunction with other staff members to provide the best possible care for all individuals. Support the LARC mission, vision, and guiding principles.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES General: • Demonstrate a “Community for All” philosophy. • Participate as a member of the Support Team(s), ensuring individuals Individual Plans (IP) are strictly followed. i.e. goals, training, support, guidelines. • Sign off on all IP documentation pertaining to individuals supported including IP, level of need, guidelines, goals, etc. • Maintain required levels of supervision, support, and responsibility for individuals supported as detailed in the IP and during their entire schedule (breaks, lunch, downtime, etc.). • Demonstrate the ability and willingness to support individuals with a wide variety of needs, including personal care, and mobility as assigned. • Prepare and maintain records of individual’s progress and services performed; reporting any changes of an individual’s condition to a manager or supervisor. • Demonstrate the ability to apply conflict resolution skills. • Demonstrate the ability to apply knowledge gained in trainings to situations as they arise. • Accurately enter program attendance, payroll, and billing data (if required) into the electronic record keeping system daily, as necessary. • Ability to operate a multi-passenger vehicle in a safe and reliable way; adhering to all laws and regulations. • Conduct vehicle safety checks and report any issues to proper authority. • The DSP will be expected to perform in good faith whatever tasks assigned to them as are necessary to perform the job, and they understand that they may be assigned to other tasks and duties as determined by LARC. The DSP’s immediate supervisor will be available to answer any questions they may have.

Health & Safety: • Report and take required action regarding injuries, incidents, medical, and accidents involving individuals supported by LARC and employees as required by policy. Make the health, safety, protection of rights, and the development of the individual supported your primary responsibilities. • Effectively manage medical and first aid emergencies. • Follow all agency safety/medical related policies and procedures. • Follow fire evacuation and disaster procedures correctly and in a timely manner. • Report unsafe situations immediately; ensuring safety is imperative. • Ensure pertinent emergency telephone numbers are readily available. • Report symptoms and signs of communicable diseases immediately. • Consistently use universal precautions. • Sign off on all DDS Safety Notices. • Report any incident that could potentially result in negative reactions from the community, law enforcement officers, and other agencies to the supervisor immediately.

QUALIFICATIONS & TRAINING'S • The DSP shall have a minimum of a High School Diploma/GED. • Typically, 0-3 years on the job experience. • Willingness to work a flexible schedule; including at different sites and programs as needed. • Ability to maintain assigned work hours. • Must maintain all LARC required and State mandated training certifications and re-certifications. (Must coordinate with manager in a timely manner as re-certifications come due to avoid lapses in certifications.)

COMPUTER AND SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS • Computer literate and proficient in Microsoft Office Word and Excel, Outlook, and be comfortable using tablets and smartphones along with other general office equipment. Ability to work with and understand databases a must and the ability to learn technical skills.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS & WORK ENVIRONMENT • The DSP shall have essential physical skills: be able to run, squat, stoop/bend, kneel, climb stairs, be able to lift at least 50 pounds (or ¼ own body weight), push/pull against potential resistance, and be able to implement non-physical and physical interventions and CPR with individuals supported when needed. • The DSP shall have adequate vision, reading, writing, and documentation skills, and hearing to perform the essential functions of the job. • The DSP must have sufficient endurance to perform tasks over long periods of time. • The DSP will be engaged in speaking, sitting, walking, driving, listening, and in communicating both orally and in writing while performing his or her duties. • The employee must be able to listen and respond to questions and instructions.