Health-Ade Kombucha Business Development Project Manager in Torrance, California

We are looking for a Project Manager someone who can lead, motivate and inspire a team of professionals to stay focused, meet deadlines, and row in the same direction to achieve goals and complete projects. This person will help translate the plan to the team, and keep everyone focused on urgent and important priorities.

A strategic thinker who is charismatic and can influence co-workers will succeed in this role; as will someone who is decisive and proactive. With that being said, we need someone who is also systematic and pragmatic, as planning (designing a strategic road map for various projects/goals/initiatives) will be important as he/she project manages the team, individuals, and vendors.

A deductive reasoner who is an analytical problem solver will be ideal. While certainly not a stressful role or company, the company is 6 years old, so it can feel more like a start-up than Fortune 100 blue chip organization - thus we need someone who can thrive in a fast-changing environment while realizing strictly-timed deliverables.

The successful candidate will be a hybrid who is social yet autonomous, detailed yet big picture, and methodical yet proactive. However, someone who is too analytical and research-oriented will not likely thrive in this role, as this person, to be truly successful, will need to be more socially-oriented than data-driven. A bit of a "gut instinct" will be required to crush this role, as this fast-growth company is on course to achieve huge wins - thus someone who can be decisive with just 70% of the information will do well.

We're interested in finding someone who thrives in a startup-like environment, although beverage experience would be awesome.