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Triangle Tech Admissions Representative - Sunbury, PA in Sunbury, Pennsylvania

Triangle Tech, an accredited technical school in the region, is seeking key admissions representatives for its high performance team at the Sunbury, PA school.The main responsibility of this position is to collaborate with local school staff, faculty .and.amp; sales management personnel to set, interview, conduct follow up and enroll qualified students in to all programs offered using an established process.A degree in marketing, communications or business preferred. A minimum of two years of sales experience preferred.The major duties of this job involve connecting quickly with people in a poised, convincing, and enthusiastic way. This job will entail working at an extremely fast pace, and will require working cooperatively with and through people in order to complete tasks, and will be integral in motivating others. The job requires team or collaborative work within the organization, and will be integral in bringing out the best in others.This job will require a strong sense of urgency, initiative, and drive to get things done correctly, with emphasis on working with and through people in the process. Understanding people well and using that understanding effectively in motivating and persuading others to act, will be an important aspect of the job.It is important in this job for goals to be set and reached, and for tasks to be completed in a timely manner.Decisions will many times have to be made under pressure, and will generally need the ideas and advice of others. Details will need to be handled quickly and accurately, but will not be a repetitive part of the job.Many tasks in this job may entail selling or persuading others, and/or may entail training others in some capacity. This job will involve controlling all aspects of tasks, from the initiation, through the process and through to completion.Pace and Variety of ActivitiesA very quick paceWill be a changing environment.and.mdash;tasks may change very quicklyJob duties will be within current organizational structureFocusSomewhat detail orientedTasks must be completed quickly and correctlyMore of a people orientation rather than an analytical or technical orientationDecision-MakingDecisions made only within authorized boundaries, with assistance from managementWill want to have information from others, but decisions will be made independentlyWill likely take carefully calculated risks, based on more information, and more anticipation of potential problemsCommunication and CollaborationWill clearly communicate the structure of tasks to be completed, including their completionCommunication will be warm, affable, and friendlyMay be integral in conflict resolution in the organizationDelegation and Leadership StyleWill delegate, and will carefully follow-up in a friendly and helpful mannerMay be concerned with hurting other's feelings in confrontational interactionsWill be friendly and warm towards othersSome Saturday and evening hours are required. We offer a competitive salary and benefits.YOU MUST PROVIDE AN EMAIL ADDRESS. You will be asked to take a brief survey and will receive a separate email with instructions. This survey must be finished in order for the application to be considered complete.