US Farathane Machine Operators in Sterling Heights, Michigan

ulliOperate all equipment per company safety, quality, and production requirements and procedures./liliBe able to identify the correct components for assembly as stated in the job book./liliAssemble, pin, punch and pack clean, dry parts per the work instructions as stated in the process book at the required rate./liliHave a understanding of the requirements for each product as describe in the various documents within the job book./liliProperly and completely report production and production problems / concerns on the operator production report,/liliComplete on process inspection utilizing calipers and rulers or other methods as required and identify quality issues./liliAssemble, stage and correctly label boxes as stated in the job book, ensuring that all internal and external labels are correct, including removal of all old labels from returnable packaging./liliPackage parts according to package instruction, including labeling containers before 1supst/sup piece is packed./liliExecute necessary documentation including recording production counts and quality inspection information/liliReview job book prior to running production. This includes understanding Any quality alerts or identifying changes / Deviation from normal processing information./liliAssure product meets established quality criteria of zero non-conformances by 100% visual inspection of all parts and specification check at the required intervals./liliCorrectly weigh and record all startup, process or other scrap per work instruction./liliImmediately notify Supervisor of all discrepancies to established quality checks, process parameters, or any condition identified to be out of the normal operating conditions./liliCommunication production and quality issues/ concerns with incoming associates at end of shift/liliParticipate in team problem solving activities (E.I. 8Ds , communication meeting etc)./liliResponsible for following all internal and OSHA required safety and environmental procedures./liliAdherence to all company policies and procedures (i.e. , Quality Manual, Associate handbook, Safety and Environment Handbook./liliMaintain high standards of housekeeping in respective areas./liliOther duties as assigned/li/ul