3M Lead Operator in Shanghai, China

At 3M, we apply science in collaborative ways to improve lives daily. With $30 billion in sales, our 90,000 employees connect with customers all around the world.

3M has a long-standing reputation as a company committed to innovation. We provide the freedom to explore and encourage curiosity and creativity. We gain new insight from diverse thinking, and take risks on new ideas.

Here, you can apply your talent in bold ways that matter.

Job Description:

  • 执行日常生产工作中环境、健康、安全的要求 • - 熟练操作指定的设备,掌握基本的故障解决办法 • - 准确记录与设备及生产相关的信息数据,负责这些数据的准确性 • - 按照车间生产管理的要求完成各种记录表格 • - 负责车间的包装工作、排料工作(包括槽车卸料作业) • - 按照生产计划完成日常的生产任务 • - 执行车间的5S工作, 在精益生产和质量、服务等方面进行持续改进 • - 能胜任翻班和正常加班的要求 • - 主管指派的其他工作任务 • - 与其它岗位的信息传递必须清晰准确 要求: • - 高中、技/职校、中专或以上学历,化工专业,具有叉车证优先考虑 • - 至少2年及以上操作工工作经验 • - 良好的沟通能力,能积极主动学习工作中的新内容 • - 流利普通话交流,具有一定英文的读写能力]

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3M is science applied to life.

At 3M, we are in your cell phone. We are in your car. We are at your doctor’s office. You are never more than 10 feet from a 3M product.

3M helps make it possible for many other companies to do what they do.

At 3M, we produce a mind-bending 55,000 products. Our technology expertise started over 100 years ago with ceramics, turning minerals into sandpaper. This expertise has grown to span 46 technology platforms, with thousands of products and applications.

Our scientists are experts at combining our core technologies to invent a surprising range of products. Our people and our products reshape the way we live our lives every day.

From celebrating new ideas to uncovering fresh uses for tried and true products, 3M solves problems for people, for communities and customers around the world.