Chapman Medical Center TECH - RESPIRATORY (CRTT) in Santa Ana, California


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Santa Ana, CA





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Provides prescribed respiratory therapy procedures to all patients according to departmental pap's. Evaluates patients response to respiratory treatments. a.) Auscultates chest pre & post therapy for HR b.) Stop TX if pt has an adverse reaction & notifies nurse & physician. Assesses pt by performing initial assessment & develops a plan for therapy. a.) Re-assesses pt. Every 7 days b.) Obtains authorization to treat patient. Charts/records therapy and any changes in Dr's order on medical record and Patient Service Log. Charts legibly & in a time manner before the end of the assigned shift all therapy performed. Transcribes legibly all services performed with appropriate time intervals in Pt. Service Log & Medicare Cost Report. Receives verbal & written feedback from pts/family, team members, Dr. that are positive for good guest behavior. Demonstrates & promotes appropriate communication with nurse & physician team members. Stays in contact with Lead Therapist & inform them immediately of any problem areas. Keeps nursing team member informed regularly re: pts. Progress/regression towards goals. Minimum Experience: 6 months experience preferred Required License/Certifications: Licensed as a RCP by the State of CA & BLS