Heartland Bank and Trust Company Part Time Retail Banker 2705 in Sandwich, Illinois

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Position Summary

Retail Bankers are the frontline representatives and therefore the face of Heartland Bank and Trust company within the communities we serve. This essential role is responsible for retaining and growing existing customer relationships and developing new ones through a variety of proactive sales and service activities.

All Heartland Bank Retail Bankers are multi-functional, customer-oriented, and ready to meet the retail needs of any Heartland Bank customer to the very best of their ability. Retail Bankers proactively promote all Heartland Bank products and services. They build loyalty, assess needs, and simplify decision-making of Heartland Bank customers by presenting financial solutions that fit their needs in a clear and compelling way.'Development in this role is progressive.

Retail Banker I: Possesses excellent customer service skills and is able to master transactional and routine customer service, similar to traditional teller functions. Is able to recognize customer needs and potential relationship building opportunities, May occasionally need assistance with complex issues.

Retail Banker II: In addition to mastering all skills for Retail Banker I, this role expands to include sales and service of all retail deposit products and services. Works independently and needs little assistance.

Retail Banker III: In addition to mastering all skills for a Retail Banker II, this role is proficient in the areas of consumer lending and IRAs. Fully-developed Heartland Bank Retail Bankers are highly-skilled, trusted advisors who are able to respond to transactional, accounts, and consumer lending needs of consumers within their community in a manner that is fully compliant with Heartland Bank policies and industry regulations. Share knowledge and information with other Retail Bankers. Works independently and finds solutions on their own.

Essential Job Functions

+ Perform Teller transactions throughout the day, paying specific attention to detail, accuracy, efficiency, and possible fraud

+ Handle large amounts of cash. Pay attention to detail. Count cash, replenish cash and balance transactions, and meet all cash handling policy requirements.

+ Promote the use of Tell-a-Friend, using our manual or digital channels.

+ Manage the customer experience by assessing the unique needs of each customer

+ Plan and manage relationship-building conversations with customers and non-customers to develop new business and to enhance relationships with existing customers.

+ Facilitate the consumer loan application process to drive new revenue and build customer loy