San Diego Humane Society Volunteer Engagement Supervisor, Project Wildlife in San Diego, California

Volunteer Engagement Supervisor, Project Wildlife

Volunteer EngagementSan Diego, California



San Diego Humane Society is hiring a Full-Time Regular Volunteer Engagement Supervisor for our Project Wildlife department!SUMMARY:Your role as the leader of volunteer engagement for Project Wildlife is an important one as you work with staff and volunteers to build a plan of action resulting in industry leading programming for volunteers that expands our lifesaving work. You will shape a culture that celebrates volunteers and staff working in collaboration. You will create volunteer recruitment and training strategy resulting in increased recruitment and retention of volunteers for the Project Wildlife Rehabilitation Center and Satellite Rehabilitation homes. Your work will ultimately play a key role in improving outcomes for injured wildlife in San Diego County.


Volunteer Programs

  • Oversees recruitment, training, and recognition of all volunteers working to benefit Project Wildlife.

  • Direct daily supervision of on-site wildlife roles including:

  • Wildlife Care Levels 1, 2, 3

  • Baby Room

  • Provides ongoing collaboration and support to Project Wildlife Staff leading Satellite Rehabilitation, Transport, Medical Scribe, Intake and Cage Building teams

Program Leadership and Volunteer Supervision

  • Leads program by example; spends time daily in the care center, working alongside staff and volunteers to facilitate relationship building and seek ways to improve the volunteer experience

  • Maintains a working knowledge of all regularly scheduled volunteers

  • Listens to volunteer concerns and formulates solutions

  • Coaches volunteers who fail to meet standards, analyzes skill deficiencies, documents coaching sessions and creates performance plans as needed

  • Ensures compliance with Department of Fish and Wildlife permit requirements pertaining to volunteers including annual distribution of MOU’s and completion of CEU’s

  • Facilitates conflict resolution as needed

  • Creates assignment descriptions for new PW volunteer roles

  • Works with PW leadership to communicate instructions for volunteer work with animals and guests and ensure protocols are being followed


  • Posts multiple stories to our Volunteer Facebook group weekly including: animal success stories, wildlife education and volunteer recognition

  • Creates and distributes the PW Care Center Bulletin newsletter monthly

  • Collaborates with Satellite Rehabilitation Specialist to create Satellite Bulletin monthly

  • Manages Project Wildlife volunteer blog

New Volunteer Recruitment and Onboarding

  • Establishes recruitment plans for each volunteer opportunity in Project Wildlife including number of openings, advertising/promotion, skills and schedules needed

  • Presents inspiring Information Session for potential volunteers resulting in successful volunteer applications and community connection with our work

  • Writes recruitment content for SDHS website, newsletters and social media posts

  • Determines placement of new volunteers based on skills and program fit

Volunteer Training

  • Creates volunteer training classes, materials and videos

  • In collaboration with PW leadership, creates and keeps up to date all handbooks, training workbooks, presentations and training materials

  • Manages ongoing calendar of Continuing Education opportunities for volunteers that meet standards set forth in our Wildlife Rehabilitation Permit; creates annual attendance incentive program to drive participation

Volunteer Recognition

  • Collaborates with Volunteer Program Development team to create annual recognition plan for Project Wildlife and plans/implements monthly recognition including decorations, videos, volunteer week, etc.

  • Distributes volunteer name badge ribbons and celebrates milestone achievements

  • Leads Volunteer of the Month selection committee for Project Wildlife

Special Events

  • Assists Volunteer Engagement department at off-site special events

  • Works with Volunteer Program Development Team to recruit and supervise volunteers working at Project Wildlife events such as Wildlife Baby Shower and donor events.

Exemplifies San Diego Humane Society’s Core Values:

  • Has theCourageto make tough decisions and take smart risks

  • DemonstratesEmpathyfor your colleagues and our guests

  • RemainsEngagedand committed to our mission

  • IsEnthusiasticand demonstrate excitement and interest in our efforts

  • Seeks out ways to beImpactfulin the animal welfare movement and your role

  • Leads withIntegrityand treat everyone with respect

  • Strives to beResourcefuland see challenges as opportunities for improvement

Participates in creating a thriving Culture of Philanthropy at San Diego Humane Society by:

  • Being knowledgeable and supportive of Society programs

  • Sharing their passion for service to animals, people, and our community with our guests

  • Serving as an inspiration to all guests by providing an exemplary level of animal care and guest service

  • Being able to communicate a compelling case for support that demonstrates the impact of philanthropy on San Diego Humane Society

SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES:Wildlife volunteers working in Rehabilitation Center

SALARY: This position starts at a rate of $18.77 per hour and salary will be commensurate with experience.


EDUCATION, SKILL, EXPERIENCE: Bachelor’s Degree preferred: Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, Hospitality or Wildlife Biology; or a combination of relevant experience and education. CVA preferred. Education and/or experience working with wildlife required. 3 years’ experience supervising volunteers or staff required. Passion for providing an excellent volunteer experience required. An interest and willingness to learn about all species of animals in care required. Excellent public speaking skills required. Good time management and excellent organizational skills required. Must have a positive approach and ability to establish good rapport with people. Must possess high Emotional Intelligence (perceiving, understanding and managing emotions/feelings). PHYSICAL DEMANDS:Must be able to stand, walk, sit, talk and hear, stoop, bend, squat, kneel, grasp grip, put fingers together firmly and reach above and below shoulder level and occasionally lift, push or pull 50 pounds for situations of restraining or moving animals and lifting supplies/equipment, repetitively use hands to operate computers; flex the neck upward and downward; twist the neck and the waist. Occasionally will be in situations requiring high stamina, such as training days and special events. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. WORK ENVIRONMENT:A blend of standard office environment and animal housing. Involves working directly with animals, staff, volunteers and the public. There is the potential for exposure to parasites or infectious diseases that can be carried or transmitted by animals.