LifeProof (Treefrog) SENIOR DESIGNER — PACKAGING STRUCTURE (MarComm Group) in San Diego, California

Job Descriptions:

The Senior Designer – Packaging Structure will be instrumental for the development and execution of all structural packaging requirements, including developing packaging structure for new products, liaising with other disciplines and managing external vendors, and creation of high quality visualizations.

  • Managing the design process and leading in the development of new structure

  • Guiding structural design, material use, and customer experience

  • Creation of visualizations and management of visualization process

  • Create conceptual designs to support the requirements of the company

  • Provide guidance on the development and production

  • Design in line with brand experience and aesthetic

  • Provide guidance on use of materials and impacts of use

  • Liaise with vendors through-out development process

  • Stay up-to-date with current trends and provide guidance on use

  • Work closely with engineering team to develop the most appropriate structure

  • Manage specification process

  • Engage vendor-partners through-out development process

  • Lead process of verification with vendors and engineering team

  • Liaise with design and product teams to ensure optimal and exceptional customer experience

  • Research customer experience and calibrate based on feedback

  • Actively provide guidance on simplification and streamlining of process

  • Liaise with Supply Chain to ensure timings are adequate and product executable

  • Keep overall marketing objectives front-of-mind at all times during development

  • Provide guidance and direction of overarching packaging strategy

  • Develop visualizations of products as required for various outputs

  • Work with vendor partners to develop accurate and high quality outputs

  • Assist internal and external parties for visualization requirements

  • Provide assistance to internal functions for the development of materials

  • Provide assistance to external agencies under the guidance of the Creative Director

  • Works closely with Marketing and Sales team, as well as Engineering teams

Required Experience:


I. Successful self-management evidenced through:

a. Accurate self-insight (ability to look objectively at self and actions, seek feedback, identify opportunities for self-improvement)

b. Drive (a sustained energy level, set challenging yet achievable goals, ensures that goals are achieved, exhibits proactive behavior)

c. Adaptability (bends behaviors to suit different situations, when faced with obstacles identifies other ways to achieve goals)

II. Successful manager of process evidenced through:

a. Accurate situational insight (realistic assessment of project needs, judges the demands of a situation and acts accordingly)

b. Communication (clear and concise and presented at the appropriate moment, active listener, seeks feedback to clarify)

c. Influence (able to influence bosses, peers and subordinates in order to achieve objectives)

III. Successful manager of tasks evidenced through:

a. Knowledge of the job and its content (understands key issues in the accessories area and is able to develop easy strategies to meet each issue.)

b. Problem and opportunity identification (anticipates possible obstacles and plans steps to avoid them, constantly on the lookout for new ideas and opportunities)

c. Problem solving and decision making (recognizes and deals effectively with issues, utilizes problem-solving techniques based on communication, situational insight, and information gathering and analysis

• Education to at least undergraduate level in Industrial Design, Engineering or equivalent

• 4+ years proven ability in working on client based design work after graduation

• Experience in brand development and execution

• Strong communication skills, effective writing and editing skills

• Expert level of operation of CAD packages, Keyshot, Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator

• Expert abilities in image optimization and manipulation for various outputs as well as the creation of realistic photo compositions

• A good level of understanding of Microsoft Office — Word, Excel, PowerPoint

• A strong understanding of offset print and production processes as well as experience in managing print based projects

• Understanding or experience directing photo shoots

• In-depth knowledge in developing packaging

• Excellent time management and resource allocation skills

• Experience in FMCG or electronics industries is desirable

• Innovation and creativity and requires initiative and ability to organize, together with the ability to utilize creative techniques

• Requires planning and implementation skills where the Designer is the driver of activity

• Ability to manage multiple projects and work assignments concurrently

• Ability to accomplish projects with little supervision

• High expectations for quality

Keyword: Marketing Communications, Packaging, Industrial Design, Brand Development, Client Based Design work

From: LifeProof (Treefrog)