National University Records Evaluator II in San Diego, California

Position Summary:

Analyzes and assesses student academic and non-collegiate records to ensure accurate evaluation of transfer credit. Determines eligibility and course of study required to complete any degree, certificate, and credential programs offered by National University. Prepares timely evaluations, multiple degree evaluations, runs SOAR Academic Advisement Reports to ensure accuracy of applied transfer credit, and provides expert assistance and recommendations to students, advisors, faculty, and staff.

Essential Functions:

  • Evaluates transferability of undergraduate and graduate course work taken at domestic institutions, including military schooling and training, credit-by-examination and other non-traditional credit. The evaluation process includes determining the number, level and nature of the course work being transferred and the specific application of appropriate course work to general education, preparatory, major, minor, and elective requirements for all degree programs offered by the University. Runs SOAR audits for eligible students; determines the accuracy of the audit. Prepares timely Academic Advisement Reports and updates the SOAR record. Exercise the skill of critical thinking, complex problem solving, resourcefulness of self-reliance in problem resolution and the ability to excel through and beyond the extensive training period. Establishes the ability to produce an increased amount of daily processes including: evaluations, electronic form submissions, etc. Demonstrates accurate and professional self-sufficiency upon completion of the training period due to the cost to the University of any errors made.

  • Interprets, clarifies and summarizes degree requirements, academic policies and procedures for students, advisors, faculty and other staff. Resolves student problems related to the transferability of credit. Develop creative solutions for students with exceptional problems. Steady daily contact with students, advisors, campus directors, regional deans, and faculty pertaining to questions regarding student evaluations, course waivers, student agreements, University policies and standards, as well as clarification on current and past catalog/program requirements.

  • Perform re-evaluations for students who have changed degree objectives or who have earned additional credit from non-traditional credit (CLEP, DANTES, Challenge/Credit by Exam, military) or collegiate transfer. Prepare estimates, pre-evaluations, or course equivalencies for department chairs, advisors and the Committee on the Application of Standards (CAS). Assist students who have special needs which require expert advice concerning evaluation of non-collegiate educational experiences or credit from colleges that are not regionally accredited. Assist students in initiating CAS requests for low incoming GPA. These duties require outstanding communication skills and excellent professional telephone and e-mail etiquette.

  • Receives and processes concurrent enrollment requests for students and does Student Agreements in the SOAR system. Receives, approves, and processes Challenge/Credit by Exam and updates Academic Advisement Reports in SOAR. Receives and processes faculty course waiver forms and adjusts student Academic

  • Advisement Reports accordingly including determination of level of credit, grade earned, recency of course, and its applicability to the student?s program.

  • Maintain and apply current knowledge of catalog policy, procedures, and standards regarding transfer credit. Practice effective problem-solving techniques. Share ideas/strategies for improvement of student services with Supervisor. Responsible for notifying Articulation?s area of the Registrar?s office with coursework that needs to be adjusted, added, or deleted in the Articulation module of the SOAR system.

  • Processes program and plan change requests for students seeking to move from a degree plan to another. Reviews student Academic Advisement Reports to ensure program eligibility and transfer courses apply to new degree plan.

  • Reviews and verifies undergraduate bachelor conferral dates and GPA requirements for graduate degree evaluations. Determines admission eligibility and updates Academic Advisement Reports with applicable undergraduate degree.

  • Review evaluations for undergraduate and graduate students pursing concurrent and previously completed degrees in residence. Responsible for ensuring eligibility for all programs and updating Academic Advisement Report to reflect exceptions and equivalencies.

  • Serve as a point of contact for Records Evaluator I and assist Senior Records Evaluator with specialization processes.

  • Assist Evaluations Trainer with quality assurance, business process guides, and training as needed.

  • Assist internal departments within the Office of the Registrar: CAS, Foreign Evaluations, Military Evaluations, Articulations, Graduations, and Records; with processes regarding course substitutions, low incoming GPA calculations, course equivalencies in SOAR, degree audits, and verifying official transcripts and documents as needed.


Education & Experience

  • Bachelor?s degree or equivalent experience required.

Experience: (Amount and kind)

  • Completion of training period of not less than three (3) months in records evaluations.

  • One (1) year of experience dealing with customers, making independent decisions, record keeping, critical thinking and analyzing, and similar tasks.

  • Experience in higher education institutions preferred.

Technical / Functional Skills

  • Demonstrated ability to make subjective professional assessments and to be thorough, consistent and accurate in the interpretation of records against criteria; intense concentration, great attention to detail and follow through, strong organizational abilities and ability to multitask, demonstrated ability to comprehend complex information and apply in accordance with policy.

  • Excellent interpersonal, oral and written communication skills and listening ability.

  • Logical and adept thinker.

  • Problem solver.

  • Ability to maintain professional demeanor in challenging circumstances.

  • High sense of ethics.

  • Ability to take direction well, work as a team player, but also motivated and capable of working independently.

  • Strong commitment to providing superior service to students and advising staff with sensitivity to the needs of the adult learner; ability to resolve conflicts with difficult students or situations with confidence, maturity, and tact; ability to handle multiple priorities independently and resourcefully; excellent work and attendance record.

  • Ability to proficiently use a personal computer.


  • Records Evaluator II training is a minimum three (3) month process under scrutiny by the Evaluations Trainer, Supervisor of Evaluation Services, and the Associate Registrar. It entails education on all aspects of domestic evaluations to include determining the level of the credential, potential transfer credit, and admissibility to specific programs.

  • University policies and procedures on domestic evaluations will be covered thoroughly until they can confidently answer the steady number of questions for clarification of these issues by advisors, students, and faculty.

  • The training also hones the Record Evaluators ability to multi-task and retains focus on a complex evaluation requiring numerous resources while fielding questions via phone and email from Associate Regional Deans, Directors of Student Services, Credential Advisors, Admissions Advisors, faculty, and students.