National University CAS Coordinator in San Diego, California

Position Summary:

This position exercises wide latitude of independent judgment and is expected to provide high level analysis, assessment, and recommendation to enhancement of student services while ensuring compliance and adherence to federal, state, and institutional policies. Oversees CAS Assistant to include responsibility for management of workflow in processing of submitted policy exception/LOA requests and is responsible for training, coaching, work quality, and productivity of staff. Responsible for interpreting and applying federal, state, and institutional policy to individual situations. Administers the university leave of absence (LOA) policy including decision making of student requests for LOA, troubleshooting LOA issues, maintaining expertise in Department of Education Title IV regulations regarding LOA and R2T4 issues, closely collaborating with Financial Aid to assure Title IV compliance, assisting in the development of modifications to the LOA policy to accommodate university needs, making recommendations for process and procedure changes to facilitate the LOA policy implementation. Collaborates with University wide divisions (Student Services, Academics, Finance) related to policy implementation and adherence in relation to CAS decisions. Provides detailed expert guidance and assistance to students, staff, faculty, and administration regarding LOA and CAS decisions. Analyzes and assesses student academic and non-collegiate records to ensure eligibility and application of student course waivers, course substitutions and transfer credit utilizing teach-out plans, approved crosswalks, and current CAS pre-approved exceptions.

Essential Functions:

  • Responsible for workflow management of CAS petitions and LOA requests to ensure timely processing time. Responsible for ensuring student satisfaction in relation to services provided. Provides expert guidance to faculty, staff, students and administrators in the clarification of application of policy.

  • Renders decisions on all leave of absence requests for the university. Troubleshoot LOA issues and problems including making recommendations for solutions, implementing recommendations, and assessing changes to determine efficiency.

  • Makes determination regarding eligibility of petition utilizing University catalog, CAS Manual and Business Process Guide (BPG). Acts as liaison with CAS members, faculty, department chairs, and deans to obtain timely resolution of CAS petitions as needed.

  • Interpret and apply all related updates to federal and institutional policies and work with applicable internal offices to ensure procedural compliance. Develop, plan, and implement CAS and LOA business process guides and informational documents.

  • Perform liaison functions between Registrar, Financial Aid, Student Services, Academics, Finance, and Regional Operations Directors to assure timely resolution to CAS and LOA requests. Responsible for reporting on and improving system processes while working collaboratively with respective Functional Analysts in the enhancement of student services.

  • Train university personnel in CAS and LOA processes, policies, and procedures to include Admissions Advisors, Student Concierge Advocates, Center Directors, Student Services, Finance, and other necessary personnel. Develop training documents and disseminate accurate information to all necessary staff to ensure policy and procedural compliance.

  • Monitor DOE Title IV polices, changes, and requirements and analyze university policy on LOA with the viewpoint of assuring compliance. Responsible for noting persistent problem areas or patterns of problems in relation to institutional academic policies that occurs within a region, learning center, or by individual staff members, and provide possible solution(s), so issues can be resolved before the quality of student services is affected.

  • Identify, develop, implement, and assess technological solutions to processes and procedures surrounding the university LOA policies. Analyze submitted student requests for patterns in policy application to provide recommendations for policy modifications.

  • Develop expertise in both Registrar Office and Financial Aid Office areas of SOAR to facilitate knowledge and understanding of Title IV regulations, R2T4 calculations, and the policies and practices on withdrawal as implemented at the university. Responsible for ensuring accurate enrollment reporting to National Student Clearinghouse for students on LOA or students approved via CAS for class drop/withdrawal status.

  • Participate in professional list serv?s, organizations, and collect information related to DOE rules on LOA to function as the university resource on this critical area.

Leadership Responsibilities: Training of Registrar staff on CAS and LOA processes.


Education & Experience

  • Bachelor?s degree required.

  • Master?s degree preferred.

  • A minimum of two (2) years of experience interpreting and applying federal, state, and institutional policy in higher education required.

  • A minimum of two (2) years of experience in student aid, higher education administration or in a related field that requires the interpretation and application of regulations and policies.

  • Preferred experience in financial aid in a higher education environment.

Technical / Functional Skills

  • Demonstrated ability to make subjective professional assessments and to be thorough, consistent and accurate in the interpretation and application of complex regulations and policy against criteria.

  • Must possess exceptional interpersonal, oral and written communication skills; organizational management and problem-solving skills; ability to multi-task and prioritize with concurrent deadlines; work independently, accurately and quickly with attention to detail; and work as part of a team.

  • Ability to resolve conflicts with difficult students or situations with confidence, maturity and tact.

  • Exercises critical thinking, complex problem solving, and self-reliance in problem resolution.

  • Ability to explain and interpret the application of complex regulations, policy, requirements, and criteria to individual situations.

  • Comprehensive knowledge of University policies and procedures.

  • Must possess fluent ability in researching federal regulations as they apply to LOA utilizing the IFAP website and determining how to effectively implement and maintain DOE guidance.

  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite (Office, Excel, Power Point and Outlook)


  • Collaborates and Builds Strategic Relationships ? Ability to multi-task and retain focus on a complex CAS petitions requiring numerous resources while fielding questions via phone and email from Associate Regional Deans, Directors of Student Services, Credential Advisors, Admissions Advisors, faculty, and students.

  • Business Acumen ? Must be experienced in the interpretation and application of policy in consideration of federal, state, institutional, and regulatory guidelines.

  • Decisiveness ? Makes well-informed, effective and timely decisions, even when information is limited or solutions produce unpleasant consequences; perceives the impact and implications of decisions.