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The Lost Cajun Prep Cook in Salida, Colorado

Job Title:Prep CookThis individual is responsible for all food preparation and may assist withline cooking, portioning or plating. They display a moderate level ofunderstanding regarding the menu, recipes and Back of House (BOH)procedures. Cooks are required to maintain kitchen cleanliness as well asproper food safety and sanitation.Duties:Everyone is responsible for maintaining a clean working environment, thisincludes washing dishes .and. recycling as appropriate, Clean up any spills ormesses promptly, Do not leave areas unclean, even if they are out of plainsight, Kitchen equipment .and. areas must be kept looking new, Down timeshould be used to take on cleaning projects.Requirements of the job:Must be at least 18 years of age; must pass a drug test and backgroundcheck; no experience required. Must be able to carry 40-50 pounds at a timeand be able to stand or walk for at least 8 hours.Wages and how often paid:Pay is $11.10 per hour; paid weekly.Benefits:NoneJob Site: Salida, Co.Shift days and hours worked:This is a permanent part time position; 30-35 hours per week. Business isgenerally open 11:00am-9:00pm; days and hours worked will be determinedby employer. Employer has one position to begin as soon as possible.If you meet the minimum requirements for this position, please click on"How to Apply" to view application information. You must be registeredwith Connecting Colorado to view the application information (registrationis available at no cost." Positions may be filled without notice to theColorado Workforce Center. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.