Microsoft Corporation RSDE- Optimization for Systems in Redmond, Washington

Are you passionate about solving large-scale optimization problems that make a huge difference in real systems problems? Do you want to impact the design of next-generation cloud computing platforms? Do you enjoy working in the intersection of algorithms, operations research and computer systems? You have a unique opportunity to join our research team in MSR in designing and implementing algorithmic solutions for resource management in the cloud. An innovative optimization solution can translate directly to millions of dollars in savings in cloud operations!


This research software developer position involves working with researchers and developers in a start-up-like environment. You will be expected to transform algorithmic solutions into concrete prototypes and implementations. You will collaborate closely with Microsoft’s major product groups, such as Azure. Example problems include but not limited to VM allocation, machine scheduling, and datacenter capacity planning.



  • PhD in Computer Science, Operations Research, or related discipline (not strictly required but a plus)

  • 5 years of programming experience in C/C++ and/or C#/Java

  • Proven practical experience in optimization/algorithm design

  • Strong analytical, problem-solving, and communication skills

  • Ability to work effectively in a team

  • Passion for technology and innovation


  • Experience in machine learning and data science

  • Knowledge of cloud computing platforms and distributed systems