Credit Suisse Valuation Risk & Control # 116825 in Pune, India

VRC tasks

• Submitting Trader prices to Consensus Data Providers

• Calibrating the external risk parameters from the consensus data prices

• Perform IPV of all trades, positions and risks within responsibility area by sourcing independent prices and parameters

• Perform IPV in accordance with approved IPV methodology documents based on the appropriate frequency; monthly unless specified otherwise

• Ensure IPV differences are actioned in accordance with the appropriate actionability framework category, and/or unadjusted differences properly recorded in the centralized reporting application

• Ensure that the IPV methodologies and any explanations provided by Traders for unadjusted differences are fully understood and commented according to policy

• Escalation of non-compliance with pricing procedures or unapproved product types in the portfolio

• Inclusion of any positions with unverifiable prices or model parameters in reports for the Senior Management

• Ensure prices and position sizes of internal trades are price tested and that the marks are compared between books

• Apply Bid/Offer (Exit Risk) adjustments to the value of the instrument to the appropriate bid/offer level that would be realized in normal market conditions. The common risk categories for which a bid/offer determination would be expected are delta, vega, forward, correlation etc.

Your role

• Perform price testing including self-review of population, completeness, calculation, and documentation and formula integrity.

• Ensure all exceptions identified have been followed up with relevant parties and resolved

• Ensure all exceptions and overrides to standard testing procedures are supported by documented requests from global stakeholders

• Perform overall analytical review on impacts and month-on-month movements

• Understand and explain results generated

• Use complex Excel and VBA tools appropriately

• Ensures supervisory feedback is incorporated into results

• Escalate P&L impacts > thresholds and exceptional outcomes to AVP / VP / Director

• Provide e-mail confirmation that price testing results have been satisfactorily finalized and request review by a supervisor

• Initiate and implement efficiency enhancement projects on a regular basis

Qualifications / Experience

• Degree level education from a Top Tier University

• Qualified Accountant with Top Tier Firm / MBA

• Preference will be given to any Relevant Investment Banking experience, preferably in Valuation Risk and Control functions. However this is not necessary.

• Highly numerate with strong analytical skills and ability to define and apply logical approach to issue resolution

• Ability to clearly articulate and present to Management and Stakeholders

• Excellent communication (written, verbal, presentation) skills

• Strong team player with the ability to work closely across locations

• Strong control focused mindset and hands-on approach to investigating issues

• Strong attention to detail

• Expertise with Microsoft Excel

• Sound understanding of derivatives and valuation principles

• Good programming skills (e.g. C , VBA, although actual language is not important)

Current Team

The current team is 60 FTE with a diversified team from prestigious international and domestic universities. Backgrounds include financial engineers, engineers, MBAs, CFAs, FRMs, CAs.

Job: *Product Control

Title: Valuation Risk & Control # 116825

Location: India-Pune-Pune

Requisition ID: 116825