Gyrodata Wireline Operator in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Job Function / Purpose

  • Achieve Awareness of wireline operations technical skills and practical applications under direction from Wireline Operators, including supporting surveying and wireline logging services, conducting rig-up and rig-down of down hole equipment, disassembly of tools, and post-job on-site equipment testing; ?Awareness? is defined as the ability to apply knowledge and execute tasks learned from assisting and observing Wireline Operators as determined by Training Coordinator

Essential Duties

  • Achieve Awareness of wireline operations technical skills and practical applications under direction from Wireline Operators, including surveying and wireline logging services, rig-up and rig-down of down hole equipment, disassembly of tools, and post-job on-site equipment testing

  • Achieve Awareness in the following tasks:

  • Operating wireline units, including conveying gyro and steering tools

  • Checking wireline equipment at client jobsite and assembling tools

  • Performing rig-up procedures and installations at client jobsites

  • Performing safe operation of crane and sling loads

  • Performing pre-job preparation of wireline equipment, wireline units, and surveyor equipment on combined service jobs and ensuring completion of pre-job logistics

  • Applying Gyrodata, Inc. Quality Assurance systems and standards

  • Removing and disassembling tools and equipment in the field

  • Attending to post-job shop responsibilities, including cleaning, servicing, and labeling equipment, post-job office equipment testing, and accurate and timely submission of post-job paperwork and related files

  • Preparing and maintaining documentation for client jobs, including job tickets, daily reporting, end-of-well reports and all applicable administrative paperwork

  • Performing general shop duties for tools and equipment, including picking up deliveries of parts and equipment and washing wireline units

  • Acquire driver?s license within three to six months from date of employment in accordance with applicable requirements

  • Acquire SafeGulf and SafeLand Certifications, Valid Transportation Worker Identification Credentials, H2S Certification, Conoco Leadership Certification and Defensive Safe Driver Certification

  • Submit to and comply with all applicable Gyrodata, Inc. and pre-employment screenings and qualifications, including audiograms, physicals and drug testing

  • Comply with all Gyrodata, Inc. and client safety and training requirements and providing corresponding documentation, including Jobsite Awareness forms and site work permits

  • Travel as directed by Operations Coordinator to perform job duties, and remain on job site as directed by Wireline Operators

  • Represent Gyrodata, Inc. in a positive and professional manner

HSE Function

  • Comply with applicable safety standards and maintain a safe working environment

QA Function

  • Comply with applicable quality assurance standards and maintain a safe working environment

  • Cooperate with management in promoting, developing and maintaining a safe place of work and safe working practices, meeting all applicable health, safety and environmental requirements

  • Report any work methods, equipment or conditions considered hazardous and submit suggestions to remedy the situation

  • Drive defensively at all times observing posted speeds and traffic signs and adjust driving as needed to meet road conditions

  • Report any accident or incident (including near misses) that could have caused injury, damage or loss of production

  • Be aware of hazards in the field and the shop; wear necessary safety clothing; use appropriate safety equipment; maintain equipment in clean and serviceable conditions; immediately report any faults

Required Qualifications

  • Strong written and oral English communication skills

  • High School Diploma, GED or regional equivalent

  • Clean motor vehicle record as per local requirement

  • Ability to work non-office hours and weekends as necessary

  • Ability to record data and demonstrate good record-keeping skills

  • Ability to perform duties according to on call schedule

  • Ability to use basic hand tools

  • Ability to travel internationally

  • Ability to use a computer for accessing and sending e-mail, opening and revising documents, accessing internet and web-based Gyrodata, Inc. systems, including SharePoint, Agresso and ability to use Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Preferred Qualifications

  • Valid commercial driver?s license

  • Previous experience in wireline and/or oilfield services industry

Working Conditions

The job is performed at the client?s outdoor job site and involves exposure to the elements, including extreme heat and cold, and significant travel. The job requires exposure to safety hazards, such as exposure to heavy machinery, mechanical and electrical equipment, and possible exposure to toxic chemicals. The job requires routine physical exertion, including sitting, standing, walking, lifting up to sixty (60) pounds, carrying, pushing, pulling, kneeling, squatting and a wide range of physical motion. The job requires operation of tools, machinery, equipment, computers and telephones. The job requires following written and oral instructions, attention to detail, ability to multitask, ability to work with others, ability to meet deadlines, compliance with safety protocols and regular attendance. The job requires attention to emergency and time sensitive tasks, which may include working irregular and prolonged hours. The job requires following established policies and procedures and meeting quality and safety standards.