Every individual at Setpoint is expected to always be honest and ethical because individual performance must reflect favorably on JR. The nature of our business also demands that each individual is flexible and cooperative with fellow employees and customers. We are a team and must perform as one. All policies and procedures, both organizational and otherwise must be followed to ensure proper and safe working conditions for every individual entering our business.

Job Title: Applications Engineer ? Level 3

Reports to: Applications Engineering Manager


  • Generating concept solutions for problems with no previous or standard solution.

  • Developing internal win strategy and execution, understanding customer pain points, and facilitating quote package development towards a winning quote package.

  • Developing proposals that have a clearly defined scope, which includes specifying machine buy-off requirements, identifying customer part requirements at project level, and ensuring that the customer specification has been reviewed and that appropriate assumptions and exceptions are made.

  • Developing a comprehensive quote package that incorporates necessary documentation for internal and external audiences such as Risk Assessments, Flow Charts, Cycle Time Charts, etc.

  • Supporting Account Managers by ensuring pain points and competitive advantages are leveraged into the proposals.

  • Coordinating and executing large multi-business unit quotes.

  • Facilitating concept brainstorming, leading docket review meetings.

  • Presenting to the executive team for review.

  • Presenting to a customer independently.

  • Managing core customers.

  • Supporting functional team members associated with a project by facilitating project authorization meetings for awarded work and consulting with the PM for scope variation.

  • Maintaining AE related fields in company CRM.

  • Travel independently.

  • Developing AE department through Level 1 & 2 AE training.

Note: This list of responsibilities is by no means inclusive; however, it is intended to be a guideline for activities.


  • Bachelor?s degree in a related business/engineering field or related industry experience.

  • 2-5 years of industry experience leading successful projects.

  • Proficient in all Applications Engineering processes and tools.