Habasit America Production & Installation Technician in Oakville, Ontario

Production/Installation Technician

Competencies And Training Requirements

Minimum Qualifications:

  • High school diploma

  • Ability to read, write and speak English fluently

  • Minimum 2 years experience working in a similar environment

  • Ability to perform basic mathematical calculations

  • Able to interpret sketches and blueprints

  • Valid drivers license

Position Description:

  • Performs a wide variety of semi-repetitive tasks including machine operation, sub assembly and assembly to build routine units.

  • Methods and sequence of operation are described by work instructions, parts lists, diagrams or work order.

  • May use a variety of small hand tools or power tools.

  • May operate automatic or semi-automatic machines and assembly equipment.

  • May be required to safely handle a variety of adhesives and solvents.

  • Performs repair and installation of belting off-site and on customer?s equipment.

  • Prepares and submits service reports. Inspects customer?s equipment to facilitate reports for customers and HCL.

  • Demonstrate understanding of joining techniques and methods and proper use of joining tools, equipment and materials.

Training Required:

Core Training

See Orientation Training/Qualification form (HCLQ-F-699). This training is required for all employees.

Job Specific Training

Prerequisite ? For full qualification in this position training requirements for the following positions must be completed:

Slitting Operator Skiving Operator Polycord Operator Thermofix Joining Operator Flexproof Joining Operator Special Fabrication Operator

As well as, the job specific training identified on the Installers Training/Qualification form (HCLQ-F-699).

Note: Installers in training may perform installations as long as they have qualified in the operations above that are applicable to the particular installation.


  • Following all departmental procedures

  • Following all production and installation procedures and work instructions

  • Observing confined space procedures

  • Identification and status of materials for installation

  • Reporting of nonconforming materials

  • Participating in corrective action and problem solving investigations

  • Performing in process and final inspections during installations

  • Machine operation, setup, and part production

  • Reporting any machine or equipment problems

  • Following all machine safety procedures

  • Housekeeping and cleanliness

  • Safe operation of all material handling equipment