Acadia Healthcare Counselor I in Norcross, Georgia

  • Provides services in accordance with accepted standards of social work and clinical practice in a timely fashion;

  • Plans and conducts individual, family, and/or group counseling;

  • Conducts, assesses, and interprets completion of appropriate section of psychosocial assessment;

  • Review multidisciplinary assessments and complete a multidisciplinary treatment plan within 72 hours of admission;

  • Coordinates discharge planning;

  • Participates as an active member of the treatment team;

  • Demonstrate ability to assess and interpret age/disability/culturally sensitive specific information;

  • Demonstrate knowledge of growth and development;

  • Communicate with patients and families in a manner sensitive to their age/disability/cultural needs;

  • Identify safety needs including ability to detect possible signs of abuse and neglect, and report to appropriate person;

  • Involve families or significant others in decision making related to treatment as appropriate;

  • Exhibits understating of professional confidentiality and ethical responsibility to patients as part of their practice;

  • Maintain appropriate boundaries with patients, and is able to understand the role of transference and counter transference in the therapeutic process;

  • Functions within stated schedule of unit program, and provides support to the milieu;

Utilizes good oral and written communication skills, and is able to coordinate work effectively across interdepartmental boundaries and disciplines;