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Yoh Services LLC L1 CRM Sales Support Specialist SOW in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania

CRM SALES SUPPORT SPECIALIST (10AM - 7PM SHIFT) needed for a long term contract opportunity with SAP AMERICA located in NEWTOWN SQUARE, PA..and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; THE BIG PICTURE - TOP SKILLS SHOULD YOU POSSESS:.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Team Player.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Excellent Communication.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Time Management.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; WHAT YOU.and.#39;LL BE DOING:.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; As a L1 CRM Sales Support Specialist, you execute transactional activities related to field inquiries around our internal sales technology. Furthermore, you support centralized reporting and analysis, knowledge management activities, and maintenance of relevant documentation (end-user or support). You will build your process, technology and business knowledge to embrace and promote the topics you support. You are expected to deliver with quality and respond professionally to external and internal customer requests. In this supporting function, you work out of an automated ticketing system, but will be required to understand your network and build relevant relationships with team members and colleagues across supporting functions in SAP..and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * MANAGE END-USER INQUIRIES: Engage with end-users/requestors in a professional, friendly, and helpful manner to assess their problem. Qualify the urgency and nature/root cause of their error to take one of the following actions.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * RESOLVE THE ISSUE: Build your knowledge and/or research relevant documentation to resolve level 1 inquiries which are defined as: authorization requests, security issues, app installation or configuration challenges, system pre-requisite checks, general navigation queries, information access, basic system administration, general process and tool logic.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * PROMOTE: Understand the business context in order to proactively promote the next step in the process, the best technology, or the right action to proceed with - therefore driving adoption of technology while providing support to the business that can benefit all the way to our end-customer.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * QUALITY .and.amp; DISPATCH THE TICKET: Understand internal and automated workflows to correctly assign or triage tickets that need further expert involvement. Clearly formulate and summarize any steps taken or input collected in order to accelerate L2 Support engagement and facilitate the end-user engagement.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * FOLLOW-UP: On any dispatched tickets that are remain sitting in the queue for too long. Maintain back-end entries, reopen and/or close the ticket in the system for accurate reporting..and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * COORDINATE MULTI-CHANNEL SUPPORT: Tickets/inquiries are generally submitted directly via the automated SSF ticketing system. Leverage this system to prioritize, assess, submit, complete, dispatch, or close inquiries. Related end-user channels may also include chat or phone, in which case you need to create the ticket on behalf of the end-user..and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * STAKEHOLDER/END-USER COMMUNICATION: Respond to internal (or external) stakeholders and manage expectations in a professional and supportive manner. Communicate efficiently in a virtual - often workflow or email-oriented - set-up towards joint success. Share positive experiences and build on learnings..and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * SUPPORTING/AD HOC TASKS: Contribute to team projects that enable the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the L1 support team. Projects and tasks may include but are not limited to:.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Preparing and enhancing support- or