The Jewish Board Intensive In Home Worker in New York, New York

The Intensive In-Home (IIH) worker provides services that support the child's social and emotional development and learning. IIH supports the child and family in implementing both the Treatment Plan (from the clinical provider) and the Waiver Service Plan (established by the Waiver program). The IIH worker collaborates with the Individual Care Coordinator who assures the initial and on-going flow of clinical information between the ICC, the treatment provider and the IIH worker. The IIH worker engages the child and family in ways that support the everyday application of treatment methods as described in the child's Treatment Plan and Waiver Service Plan. Specifically, the IIH worker reinforces desired cognitive and behavioral changes to prevent crises and to support the emotional well-being of the family.

As each family is unique, strategies are designed to be sensitive to the culture and values of each individual family and may include:
* anger management,
* psycho-education,
* post crisis de-briefing,
* re-enforcing the integration of safety plans in the home,
* parent-child relationship building,
* teaching parenting skills,
* providing support in emotional self-regulation in situational contexts including anger management,
* encouraging supportive sibling relationships with the Waiver child,
* developing healthy coping mechanisms,
* making healthy choices,
* building self-esteem,
* clarifying identity issues, etc

IIH Services may be provided in the home or in the community for an individual child and or their family. Intensive In-Home services are provided face-to-face to the child or the child and family. The service is focused on supporting the goals outlined in the child’s treatment and service plans

Crisis Response Services Workers perform interventions designed to assist children and families when they are in a crisis. A crisis is an unplanned event that requires a rapid response. A crisis includes instances in which a person cannot manage his/her behavior or psychiatric symptoms without the help of a third party. A crisis may also include situations in which the experience of challenges in daily life have resulted in, or are at risk of creating, an escalation in psychiatric symptoms which cannot be managed without acute crisis intervention.

These workers provide immediate, short-term interventions until linkages are made to other appropriate services, as needed. This may include de-escalation techniques, assessment, consultation, facilitating the safety plan interventions, and referral when necessary. Crisis response services are to be made available on a 24 hour/7 day a week basis. Crisis Response may be provided more often initially and become less frequent as the child progresses and stabilizes in the HCBS Waiver Program

* NYS Driver's License is required
* must be cleared by the State Child Abuse Registry;
* complete fingerprinting for a criminal history background clearance;
* have a Master’s degree or a NYS Teachers Certificate, and two years’ experience providing direct services for children in the children’s service system with a preference for the mental health field/working with children with SED.
* a Bachelor’s degree or a NYS Teachers Certificate, and four years’ experience providing direct services, or providing linkage to services, in the children’s service system with a preference for the mental health field/working with children with SED. Qualifying experience may be pre- or post- degree. Candidates may qualify by meeting the qualifications for the NYS Intensive Case Manager position