Collier County Maintenance Specialist (SCRWTP) in Naples, Florida

Maintenance Specialist (SCRWTP)



Maintenance Specialist (SCRWTP)


$16.54 Hourly


Naples, FL

Job Type

Full Time, Regular


Public Utilities Department

Job Number



12/13/2018 11:59 PM Eastern

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Essential Functions

Performs specialized maintenance work within assigned County division, which may involve water utilities maintenance, plumbing maintenance, grounds maintenance, building maintenance, custodial maintenance, or other projects within the assigned division; assists skilled-trade employees or other workers as needed. Performs various tasks involving water utilities maintenance projects; locates existing utilities from blueprints and service connections; cleans and views lift stations, sanitary gravity lines, and service lines; vacuums debris from manholes and stations; monitors and pumps down high-level stations; cleans storm drains; inspects manholes and lift stations, rebuilds pumps; installs, repairs, or replaces valves; replaces light bulbs; cleans/maintains trucks; develops and maintains County odor control program to neutralize offensive/noxious gases generating from system; reviews design data and specifications of existing and proposed odor control units; conducts field studies to identify areas in need of replacement/rehabilitation of existing units; maintains and paints pumps, motors, pipes, and hydrants; assists with cleaning of degasifiers/reactors and sludge systems; performs preventive maintenance on equipment; assembles and repairs backflow devices; conducts cross-connection control inspections; repairs or replaces sustaining, regulation, and pressure reducing valves. Performs various tasks involving plumbing maintenance/repair projects, irrigation systems and prepares diagrams of field irrigation; installs irrigation controllers, pumps, valves, small turf rotors, switches, and related components; troubleshoots, maintains, and repairs irrigation systems and minor plumbing problems; troubleshoots irrigation controller, pumps, and valves; traces valve wires and repairs wire problems; rewires controllers and valves; traces and repairs problems involving hydraulics, and pressure; tests rotors for proper nozzle size; installs gate and ball valves as needed; repairs broken pipes; replaces diaphragms, solenoids on valves, and other components; repairs pressure tanks; sets tank pressure and pressure readings; upgrades and renovates systems; obtains price quotes for new installations; tests electrical components of systems. Performs various tasks: sets timers for lights and irrigation systems; locks/unlocks facilities and checks for unsafe conditions or faulty equipment; replaces chemical hoses and rebuilds chemical pumps; cleans probes and injectors; maintains and repairs exterior lighting; maintenance projects; cleans out drainage pipes; clears/mows right-of-way and other areas. Maintains buildings, machinery, and pipes at water plants and outlying stations: troubleshoots routine electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, and other plant problems; flushes the system; repairs, maintains, calibrates, and tests equipment; removes and replaces high service and chemical pumps; operates belt presses and flushes sludge lines. Coordinates valve maintenance activities to clean valves; maintains and catalogs blueprints; responds to breaks to develop and initiate isolation plans; raises/lowers valve boxes; and replaces damaged, defective, or outdated valves. Performs general/manual tasks associated with division projects; sets up safe work zones at work sites, places cones/signs, sharpens blades and replaces parts; climbs ladders; sets up or arranges equipment for special events/activities; lifts/moves furniture, equipment, and heavy materials; assists with cleanup following hurricanes, storms, or emergency situations. Responds to after-hours emergency calls when scheduled for on-call duty; evaluates service calls, determines needed manpower, equipment, parts, and materials. Operates a variety of machinery, equipment, and tools associated with division projects, which may include a utility truck/vehicle, trailer, boom truck, bucket lift, backhoe, dump truck, front end loader, bobcat, forklift, all-terrain vehicle, tractor, weed eater, edger, blower, hedge trimmer, motors, pumps, air compressor, generator, jackhammer, pressure washer, grinder, drill, drill press, saw, circular saw, chain saw, concrete saw, welder, sprayer, hand compactor, vacuum cleaner, handheld meter reading device, probe, manhole hook, valve key, gas detector, odor control units, shovel, rake, pick, machete, post driver, post hole digger, level, ladder, gauges, meters, measuring devices, camera, carpentry tools, plumbing tools, painting tools, mechanic tools, power tools, hand tools, or two-way radio. Performs general cleaning/maintenance tasks necessary to keep equipment and tools in operable condition, which may include inspecting equipment, checking/replacing fluids, refueling vehicles, greasing equipment, washing/cleaning equipment, cleaning project work areas, or cleaning shop; monitors equipment operations to maintain efficiency and safety; reports faulty equipment. Transports, loads, and unloads equipment and materials used in projects. Monitors inventory levels of supplies and materials; ensures availability of adequate supplies, tools, and materials to conduct work activities; initiates requests for new/replacement materials. Follows safety procedures, utilizes safety equipment, and monitors work environment to ensure safety of employees and other individuals. Prepares or completes various forms, reports, correspondence, daily activity logs, inspection forms, purchase requisitions, work orders, maintenance records, charts, ground storage tank reports, confined space reports, fuel quality records, diagrams, graphs, time cards, leave requests, or other documents. Receives various forms, reports, correspondence, lists, schedules, work orders, delivery receipts, invoices, technical studies, service/maintenance schedules, maintenance records, chemical labels, operational manuals, material safety data sheets, diagrams, blueprints, construction drawings, maps, laws, policies, procedures, regulations, standards, directories, manuals, reference materials, or other documentation; reviews, completes, processes, forwards or retains as appropriate. Operates a personal computer as necessary to complete essential functions, to include the use of word processing, spreadsheet, desktop publishing, e mail, or other computer programs. Communicates with supervisor, other divisions, employees, contractors, developers, engineers, utility companies, vendors/suppliers, the public, outside agencies, and other individuals as needed to coordinate work activities, review status of work, exchange information, or resolve problems. Maintains a current knowledge of applicable laws, regulations, methods, and procedures; attends workshops and training sessions as appropriate.

Minimum Qualifications

High school diploma or GED*; supplemented by vocational/technical training in general maintenance, mechanics, electrical maintenance, plumbing, water utility operations, or specialized work in area of assignment; supplemented by one (1) year previous experience and/or training involving grounds maintenance, water utilities maintenance, general building maintenance, equipment operation, and/or specialized work in area of assignment, such as electrical maintenance, underground utility location, or any equivalent combination of education, training, and experience which provides the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities for this job. Tasks involving water utility operations/maintenance will require possession and maintenance of valid Class 3 Water Distribution license within 18 months of hire. May require other certifications as related to position or for specialized areas of assignment. Must possess and maintain a valid Florida Driver's License with any applicable endorsements and maintain eligibility requirements and endorsement(s) to drive a County vehicle as provided in CMA 5805. Fingerprinting required. *General Educational Development (GEDs) must be issued by the American Council on Education through an approved GED Administrator. For Florida the approved GED Administrator would be the Florida Department of Education (public schools or adult education centers).