UPMC Lab Support Technician (Muncy) in Muncy, Pennsylvania


Prepare, process, clean and maintain the supply of glassware and equipment related to laboratory functions and procedures. Clean laboratory counter tops and sinks, and other equipment regularly.


  • Defrost and clean refrigerators, clean cabinets, water baths, and other selected items of equipment in various laboratory sections.Examine glassware for cleanliness and breakage.

  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of different equipment used.Operate oven dryer to dry glassware.Operate water deionizer unit.Operate pipette washer.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of proper disposal.Sort laboratory waste and ensure that it is directed to the proper area for disposal.Dispose of clinical specimens.Perform clerical duties accurately and effectively.

  • Inventory, requisition, and restock cleaning and other supplies as needed.File laboratory reports and slides.Follow UPMC and Laboratory PoliciesAttend meetings and in-service programs as required.

  • Keep storeroom orderly.Test and clean emergency showers and eyewash station; keep records of this activity.

  • Maintain a safe and clean working environment.

  • Perform specialized cleaning procedures; secure and wash all items by use of prescribed techniques and by the use of disinfectants.

  • Prepare working stock of various laboratory solutions.Prepare specimen collection supplies and other supplies for physicians' offices and off-campus lab sites.Keep Operating Room and Outpatient Procedure Unit stocked with formalin filled containers and other requested items.

  • Test glassware, pipettes and acid washed items for acidity.Inventory, requisition, and restock supplies as needed.

  • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times.Perform support functions.Transport specimens, requisitions, and report to the appropriate areas.


High school diploma.

Ability to receive, comprehend, and carry out instructions. Ability to work safely with equipment, supplies, and materials. Ability to comply with attendance requirements. Ability to comply with personnel policies.

Licensure, Certifications, and Clearances:

  • Act 33 Child Clearance with Renewal

  • Act 34 Criminal Clearance with Renewal

  • Act 73 FBI Clearance

UPMC is an equal opportunity employer. Minority/Females/Veterans/Individuals with Disabilities