Taylor Corporation Warehouse Lead in Monroe Township, New Jersey

Warehouse Lead:

  • Performs at the Lead level and leads other individuals at senior level. Performs the physical and/or administrative duties involved in the functions pertaining to the shipping, handling, receiving, storing, counting, packaging and distributing of equipment, materials, merchandise and similar items.

  • May operate machinery. May conduct or assist with physical inventory counts.

  • Maintains work area and follows procedures to ensure compliance with safety regulations

  • May report to Production, Purchasing, or Warehouse/Shipping Supervisor or Manager.

  • Coordinates the day-to-day operations of a group of employees who are typically Non Exempt.

  • Performs duties such as some or all of the following:

  • load and unload trucks, freight cars, conveyors and other types of transporting equipment, by hand or with the aid of materials handling devices
  • coordinates and/or transports equipment, supplies, products and materials to and from one location, department or work station to another, using motor vehicles, hand trucks, tote boxes and other materials handling equipment.
  • who count, weigh and identify items and ensure they are appropriately stored, marked or tagged for identification purposes and fill orders or requisitions for materials and keep records of items issued and received.
  • ensures that materials are checked against vendors' invoices, bills of lading, customer orders and similar papers.
  • maintains records of damaged or defective items and discrepancies in quantities and weights and records time, date, quantity, source and destination of materials received or shipped.
  • pick, wrap and pack products in boxes, cartons and other containers prior to final packing for shipment.Ensures that materials are checked against customers' invoices, bills of lading, customer orders and similar papers
  • operates standard or specially designed machines to place or arrange products in cartons, bottles, boxes and other types of containers and the operation of labeling, weighing and sealing machines


  • Requires a strong attention to detail.

  • Leads and directs a group of two or more individuals who provide customer service at the Senior and Specialist level via multiple channels.

  • Has advanced training to operate the specialized equipment.