Building the Bridges East Mentor/Case Manager in Mattawa, Washington

El Nuevo Camino A Program of Building The Bridges East Mentor/Case Manager Job Description Two M entor/Case Manager s (M/CM) will be contracted for each El Nuevo Camino (ENC) site. The M/CM will report to the Lead Mentor/Case Manager (LM/CM) of their site. M/CMs will be a ccountable for referrals, client attendance monitoring, positive participation, and completion of screenings, assessments, plans and reports as required . M/CMs will receive extensive initial and ongoing training with an emphasis on continual improvement of the helping relationship. Mentoring - M/CMs will be assigned 20 to 25 youth and their families. The mentor relationships will normally last at least one year. BTBE ascribes to the research that has clearly shown that longevity of the mentor relationship is t