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Job Information

Thermo Fisher Scientific Production Assembler – Co2 Inc 3rd Shift in Marietta, Ohio

Job Description

  • Participates in a one-piece-flow assembly operation to produce products requiring attention to details and focus on work duties.

  • Prepares components and assembles product following diagrams with emphasis on quality.

  • Assembles products according to blueprints and sequence sheets by identifying production needs, pulling materials, etc.

  • Bolts, clips, screws, cements, braze, or otherwise fastens parts together by hand, or using handtools or portable power tools.

  • Inserts and tightens setscrews to secure components to housing.

  • Cleans and finishes assembly products using approved cleaners/chemicals and tools according to PSS book and refers to MSDS to insure safe handling and proper PPE equipment is utilized.

  • Inspects product to verify that optional/custom equipment changes have been made according to customer order.

  • Reads PSS/blueprints to determine position of unit and component parts.

  • Utilizes SAP system shared plant-wide to accomplish production goals.

  • Tests assembled component to insure that quality and workmanship meets standards before moving piece to next stage of production.

  • Tests assembled units, using proper equipment such as recorders, meters, temp probes, RPM testers, etc., according to specifications to insure quality.

  • Completes quality inspection process during sub-assembly and at key points at designated and completes appropriate internal control documents.

  • Utilizes Electric Static Discharge PPE equipment when needed to insure safety.

  • Inspects assembly components for leaks by connecting gas/water/air and performing specified process and listen for or observe results.

  • Order and retrieve supplies/materials such as cardboard, bags, warehouse items, etc., using paper and SAP documents.

  • Work in an assembly area that requires adjustments to work process based on identifying product, customer, etc., to determine customized assembly needs.

  • Assembles and braze components throughout assembly process.

  • Assembles components, tests, cleans, boxes/packs (foam), label, load to pallet, and designates readiness to move to warehouse.

  • Troubleshoots work-related problems by applying knowledge and experience toward resolution and taking appropriate steps for assistance.

  • Calibrates circuit boards as designated by PSS in conjunction with referencing product specifications on-line.

  • Enters product related data into computer system to track component serial numbers, scan bar codes, production rates (percent good), track physical location, etc.

  • Reads electrical wiring diagrams to accomplish accurate assembly and high quality results.

  • Aligns components, and bolts, screws, or rivets them together, using hand tools or portable powered tools.

  • Evacuates and charges unit/compressors by pumping gases as specified by documented specifications.

  • Perform paint touch-up when needed to maintain quality and customer satisfaction.

  • Adjusts assembly process to obtain specified clearances, allowances, etc., and uses gauges, test instruments, and hand tools to accomplish job specifications.

  • Positions production pieces using hoist, and bolts stationary parts in place, using impact wrench and hand tools.

  • Works with 120-220V in order to test equipment and participate in related safety/quality training and certification.

  • Fastens lift chain around components and operates controls of hoists, lifts, etc., to navigate and move production pieces as needed.

  • Moves assembly to storage area using electric crane or caster based carts, etc.

  • Lays out and marks reference points onto components, using template, rule, square, compass, scale, etc.

  • Removes burrs and rough spots from parts with hand file and portable pneumatic grinder.

  • Removes small quantities of metal, using hand files or portable grinders, to clean parts or to produce close fit between parts.

  • Inserts shims and turns setscrews to set clearance between parts, and verifies clearance, using scale and fixed gauges.

  • Installs moving parts, such as shafts, levers, or bearings, and works them to test free movement by following job guidelines and drawings.

  • Joins coils, plates, hairsprings, and other parts, connects and solders wires, using hand tools, tweezers, and soldering iron.

  • Tends assembly-related machines, such as riveting machine, porta-power, etc. to perform force fitting or fastening operations on assembly line.

  • Operates machines in other areas of production throughout training process, such as punch press, form roll and drill press, etc.

  • Completes documents such as Final Inspection Sheets, Total Quality Control sheets, etc., as determined by process guidelines.

  • Holds and maintains fork lift certification when asked to do so.

  • Perform all job duties in a safe manner and obey all safety policies and procedures

  • Perform all job duties consistent with the Code of Ethics and the 4-I Values

  • Perform all job duties within ISO standards

  • Work on Continuous Improvement and support all PPI, Keys and Lean projects

  • Perform other duties and cross training as assigned

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