DEKA Research & Development Model Maker in Manchester, New Hampshire

Founded and run by Dean Kamen, DEKA Research & Development Corp. is dedicated to using state-of-the art technology and innovative design solutions to improve lives. We work in a fast paced environment that encourages creativity, professional growth and accountability. We are looking for a highly skilled and creative Model maker with a passion and interest in visualizing substantive design solutions to widespread health and infrastructure problems.

DEKA?s Design team functions as an in-house consultancy supporting development projects as well as DEKA?s business needs. We collaborate with project teams to research user needs and provide design solutions (Industrial Design, User Interface, Prototyping and Human Factors) that blend the technology solution with the human need. The scope of our work starts with the definition of the intended user experience and continues through to ensuring the design intent of the final implementation of the product. Prototyping is a key area within the design team to support that effort and we are looking to grow our capabilities.


  • Planning along with the development team when prototyping can be used on a project as well as how to prototype specific concepts

  • This candidate will be expected to challenge and grow their skill set as part of the Design Team?s efforts to find new ways to expand DEKA?s prototyping capabilities

  • Creating appearance models using a variety of fabrication methods including but not limited to: machining, rapid prototyping technologies, laser cutting, high density foam carving

  • Sanding and painting 3D printed parts

  • Sanding and polishing plastic and metal parts

  • Creating silicone molds, color matching and casting urethane parts, cycling molds

  • CAD surfacing and CAD model development (depending on CAD capabilities) of design concepts, adapting CAD geometry to fit prototype needs

  • CAD geometry development of prototype molds so they can be machined

  • Creating test fixtures in metal, wood and plastic

  • Programming and running parts on a laser cutter


  • Minimum of 10 years of experience as a model maker

  • Ability to lead and guide complex projects with tight (and potentially changing) deadlines

  • Work closely with Project and Engineering leads to appropriately formulate scope and intention of prototypes

  • Ability to manage multiple projects with different deadlines

  • Experience with Pro-E and/or Solidworks

  • Attention to detail in surface quality and finish that is documented in a portfolio of well executed prototypes

  • Experienced painter: comfortable using and maintaining HVLP guns. Being able to use them to apply high quality surfaces of colors, clear coats, and textures.

  • Self motivated and self directed

  • Enjoys solving problems and are naturally curious about new technologies

  • Silicone molding and casting (creating molds, injecting/casting parts, custom color matching)

  • Familiar and capable with typical wood shop and machinist tools

  • 3 axis CNC experience:

  • Machine setup, programming, and running machine

  • G code editing

  • Programming of complex surfaces and 2D operations

Submission Requirements:

  • Applicants must provide a digital portfolio (smaller than 7 megabytes) demonstrating his/her capabilities upon applying for the position. Applicants who do not provide examples of work will not be considered.