Flexible Staffing Anodizer in Little Canada, Minnesota

Tends a series of tanks using a hoist to move racks of parts into and out of chemical solutions for Specified times based on a production traveler. Complete the process per established recipes by performing the following duties. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned. Places racks of workpieces in tank of oxidizing solution for specified time. Dips articles in successive baths to complete the process. Adds chemical solutions according to established formulas. Tasks: -Inspect coated or plated areas for defects such as air bubbles or uneven coverage. -Immerse objects to be coated or plated into cleaning solutions, or spray objects with conductive solutions to prepare them for plating. -Immerse workpieces in coating solutions or liquid metal or plastic for specified times. -Set up, operate, or tend a coating system to process Aluminum to protect or decorate the surfaces. -Position and feed materials into processing machines, by hand or by using automated equipment. -Test machinery to ensure that it is operating properly. -Operate hoists to place workpieces into the system. -Maintain production records. -Adjust controls to set temperatures of coating substances and speeds of machines and equipment. -Remove objects from solutions at periodic intervals and observe objects to verify conformance to specifications.