Acadia Healthcare Infection Control Nurse (RN or LPN) in LaPlace, Louisiana

The Infection Control Nurse is accountable for the development, supervision and implementation of sound established IC practices hospital-wide to provide for the safety of staff, patients, visitors and the community at large. The IC Nurse assures primary leadership/decision making for ensuring IC practices are enforced. Works in conjunction with the medical staff, consulting physicians, Director of Nursing and Risk Manager to maintain a quality facility. Assumes, as needed, supervisory duties of the nursing units as assigned. Interprets age/disability specific and culturally sensitive information on all employees, patients and visitors. Maintains professional development, continuing education and licensure.

  • Develops, revises and reviews all policies and procedures for identifying, reporting, controlling known or suspected infections and reducing the risk of infection.

  • Participates in the departmental development of the Quality Plan and works to meet identified goals.

  • Actively participates as a member of the Performance Improvement Committee.

  • Conducts surveillance utilizing benchmarks.

    1. Performs employee health screens
  • Develops, provides and maintains an on-going educational program which addresses current educational needs identified through assessment processes.

  • Ensures identified customers are educated on infection control issues while serving as a resource on the latest information available to customers.

  • Provides Infection Control part of the general orientation process and provides in-services to staff and other identified customers as requested.

  • Maintains patient confidentiality and rights of patients