ARi Manufacturing Engineer in Island Lake, Illinois

Job Responsibilities

  • Maintain or improve manufacturing engineering processes, such as process design, facility layout, work standards, simulations, standard work, manufacturing releasing, facility engineering, etc.

  • This role requires thorough knowledge of manufacturing concepts in component machining and assembly operations

  • Also requires extensive experience and a good understanding of Engineering Releasing, Manufacturing Releasing, Engineering Manufacturing Change Control procedures and Material Scheduling

  • Ensures Engineering, Purchasing and shop personnel are involved in the approval process so that sound decisions are made which improve manufacturing processes, quality and/or reduce costs

  • The incumbent establishes and maintains close team relationships with personnel in manufacturing operation, process planning, engineering design, and material planning in support of effective least cost change implementation

    Required Experience

  • Preferred Manufacturing / Production / Mechanical engineering degree

  • Must have the ability do statistical analysis and have proficient excel skills (VBA Programming)

  • Requires 3-5 years’ experience or equivalent knowledge of Releasing and Planning operations and systems

  • Must have knowledge of product structure, lead times, processing capabilities, and be able to operate a personal computer and read blue prints

  • Incumbents on this job have a varied background in component machining and assembly, materials systems and processes

  • They can address problems in processing, programming, tool design, standards development and application, acquisition of tools and equipment, layout, processing, and /or automated storage systems, etc.

    Required Skills

  • Requires analytical ability as well as excellent oral and written communications skills

  • Good interpersonal skills, use a collaborative work style

  • Decision making, and problem-solving skills are required