Goodwill Industries of Michiana, Inc. WDS Ability First Job Coach Elkhart/St Joseph/Kosciusko Counties (Full Time 40 hrs) in Indiana

WDS Ability First Job Coach Elkhart/St Joseph/Kosciusko Counties (Full Time 40 hrs) - IN

WDS Ability First Job Coach Elkhart/St Joseph/Kosciusko Counties (Full Time 40 hrs)

  • 05-Dec-2018 to 01-Feb-2019 (EST)

  • IN, USA

  • Hourly

  • Full Time

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To provide on-the-job training to clients placed in competitive employment in the community. This position reports to the Director of Workforce Development Services who reviews job performance semi-annually. This position will work in both Elkhart, St Joseph and Kosciusko counties.


  1. Review and asses all background information concerning strengths, abilities, limitations and barriers.

  2. Attend orientation with person served and assist with all paperwork on the job site as needed. Paperwork includes, but is not limited to, employee manuals, safety manuals, W-4 forms, orientation checklists, insurance forms and I-9 forms, as well as forms that are company-specific. Do not give advice on how to invest funds that might be available to the individual through a company retirement plan.

  3. Complete tasks analysis as needed to be able to recommend best methods to each individual on how to do the job.

  4. Work with the employer and/or supervisor to learn the proper methods and procedures for performing the client's job functions.

  5. Document client performance and work-related behaviors. Obtain feedback from employer/supervisor, co-workers and client concerning job performance and job satisfaction.

  6. For clients receiving funding through Vocational Rehabilitation, BDDS or Medicaid Waiver, submit weekly time sheets to the Employment Specialist for calculation of hours.

  7. Serve as an advocate for the client concerning employment-related issues such as work schedules, job duties, performance reviews, pay increases and work-site accommodations.

  8. Provide Case Manager with information should the client have needs outside of the work area that need to be addressed.

  9. Provide extend follow-along services as needed.


  1. Minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent.

  2. Ability to pass a drug screen.

  3. Ability to pass a criminal background check.

  4. Ability to motivate others, understand and relate to the needs of people with disabilities.

  5. Ability to teach individuals how to do jobs/tasks in a variety of ways depending upon the individual's style of learning.

  6. Ability to handle competing demands and effectively prioritize responsibilities.

  7. Ability to keep accurate documentation concerning client's activities and hours spent with clients.

  8. Ability to physically perform the job duties of the clients.

  9. Must have the ability to travel to the various job sites and provide proof of insurance and current driver's license.


  1. Office environment

  2. Job site conditions will vary depending on where a specific client is placed


  1. Computer/internet/email

  2. Telephone

  3. Photocopier

  4. Video Cameras

  5. Fax Machine

  6. Automobile

  7. Equipment used at employer's site

  8. Pager

Goodwill Industries of Michiana, Inc

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