Idahoan Foods General Laborers- Graveyard - Idaho Falls in IDAHO FALLS, Idaho

This job was posted by : For more information, please see: Idahoan Foods is hiring General Laborers at $11.25 an hour. The primary responsibility of this Packaging position is to closely follow the direction from the Machine Operator. This person is trained and able to function at a high level of performance in any of the three positions. Work closely with other packers placing cartons and bags into master cases and prepare cases to be taped, coded and sent to palletizing area. Communicate clearly with other Dumpers and line Machine operator so no errors occur and the correct product is dumped to the packaging line. Maintain a good working communication with the other Stackers and Packaging Lead ensuring proper pallet patterns as well as code of each pallet.Qualifications:Principle Accountabilities:1. Must follow the direction from the Machine Operators and Packaging Leads.2. Must be able to keep up with the speed of the machines, correlating at least two to fourpouches to be placed in cartons or cases. Conditions require using both hands to insertproduct pouches into cartons.3. Ensure the proper code is being printed on the package, carton, pallet, or case.4. Place cartons and bags into master cases and prepare cases to be taped, coded and sent topalletizing area.5. Understand proper pallet patterns and coding of pallets.6. Prepare totes for dumping to the holding hoppers and remove bar codes for delivery toMachine Operator so ERP system can be maintained.7. Visually inspect product pouches, cartons, codes and cases to ensure quality.8. Inspect the product hoppers and product in totes making sure the product is of high qualitybefore dumping to the packaging line. Notify Machine Operator and/or Packaging Lead ofany abnormalities with the system or products.9. Work closely with Machine Operators, and other Dumpers/Packers/Stackers.10. Must be familiar with package coding procedures, have the ability to learn and understandQuality Assurance guide lines.11. All other duties as assigned by management.Alignment with Core Values of the Company:Respect & Value Our PeopleStay in Front of Change While Reducing CostsDelight our CustomersFood Quality & Safety Qualifications/Required Skills for the Position:Previous experience working around processing equipment preferred.Work Environment:Demonstrates ability to perform heavy lifting 30 to 75 lbs. Able to stand on concrete floors for extended periods and follows safety precautions. Excellent eye/hand coordination. Position requires repetitive motion - hand, arm and shoulder movement. Able to work different shifts.Reasoning Ability: Possesses self-confidence and maturity to make decisions and to solve problems with minimal direction.Interpersonal Skills:Team player works closely with other employee's, also independently without constant supervision.Safety: Follows all safety precautions while working independently and professionally. Keeps work area clean.Additional InformationIdahoan Foods, LLC is an equal opportunity employer and considers qualified applicants for employment without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, age, disability, veteran status or any other protected factor under federal, state, or local law.