Basler Electric Co Quality Assurance Supervisor in Highland, Illinois


Supervise visual and physical inspection, and control inspection articles and materials to comply with established standards of quality, appearance, and other requirements. This includes the raw state through various stages of manufacturing or after completion. May involve using various kinds of gauges and nonelectrical measuring instruments along with testing apparatus and equipment for conformance to electrical and mechanical specifications. Strive to institute acceptance and compliance with the ISO Quality System. Ensure acceptable quality levels are maintained throughout the manufacturing process.

Reports to: Quality Assurance Manager

Essential Duties
  • Supervise more than one shift, and in many instances, more than one area of the plant which may include more than one department.
  • Prepare budgets for the Quality Assurance Cost Center.
  • Schedule all work and approve all overtime requirements.
  • Supervise the receiving and in-process inspection areas, out-of-box audits, and the disposition of nonconforming materials.
  • Approve samples before they are sent to Engineering for evaluation and approval.
  • Interpret specifications, appropriate standards, and display a working knowledge of the products, associated products, and equipment involved.
  • Develop test setups with proper test equipment and instruct personnel on the proper methods of operations to follow to ensure compliance to specifications.
  • Perform failure analysis to establish root causes that result in nonconforming products.
  • Initiate corrective action required to eliminate root causes of nonconforming products.
  • Ensure that all quality records of inspection and tests are properly recorded.
  • Audit calibration status of test equipment and provide support to calibration personnel during the calibration process.
  • Provide technical assistance to manufacturing, marketing, customers, and suppliers as required.
  • Communicate with customers and suppliers through travel, telecoms, and other means including visits when appropriate.
  • Operate as lead internal auditor for home facility.
  • Monitor facility quality performance and initiate appropriate corrective action.
  • Generate quality reports needed to monitor facility performance.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.
  • Business degree, associate’s degree, or equivalent related manufacturing experience.
  • Ability to exchange and furnish information requiring detailed explanation and discussion with customers and various levels of personnel.
  • Good communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft® Office including Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, and Visio.
  • Self-starter with initiative.
  • Supervisory experience a plus.