Barton County Of Cook in Great Bend, Kansas

This job was posted by : For more information, please see: POSITION SUMMARY:Plan and prepare meals for adults. Must follow all standards and requirements as set forth by the Kansas Department of Health & Environment and Department of Corrections. Keep kitchen in a clean and sanitary condition. Must work closely with agents or representatives from various food and supply vendors to order and keep stock needed for daily meal preparation. Work with other detention personnel.FUNDEAMENTAL JOB DUTIES:To arrive at the Sheriff's Office in time to plan and prepare the breakfast, lunch and dinner meals. To follow the daily menus developed by the Barton County Health Department or to substitute meals that meet the daily dietary allowance requirements. Complete requirements for diabetic diets or any other special diets as needed. To provide standardization of food preparation and purchasing. Oversee all food preparation seven days a week. If unable to prepare any meal, to insure a proper meal has been planned and a replacement is available to cover with the approval of the Sheriff. To keep a neat and sanitary kitchen in order to meet health standards. To clean after preparation of each meal and any other cleaning required. Performs other related functions as required by the Sheriff. Must maintain an accurate record of meals served each day, to include type of food and quantity in portions. Must keep accurate records of refrigerators, deep freezers and other equipment as required by county, state, or department of corrections. May be asked to produce these records at any time. EDUCATION:Must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent. Must have experience in food preparation for large numbers of people. Be familiar with and demonstrate knowledge of Department of Corrections, State and County Health Codes governing food service. Knowledge of special dietary needs, i.e. diabetic inmates, and other special religious, or medical requirements. Must possess valid Kansas Driver's license. No felony or class A misdemeanor convictions.EXPERIENCE SKILLS:Must be able to work with large ovens and stoves, commercial dishwasher and ventilation systems. Operate all types of kitchen equipment and some office equipment, i.e.: telephone, adding machine. Exercises routine skill under supervision.PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS / ABILITIES:Position requires frequently lifting a minimum of 50-pound boxes or containers of food products. Moderate lifting of large trays containing hot food from ovens, plastic crates full of milk, large pans from stove, trays of dishes from dishwasher. Must be able to stand on feet for long periods of time. Some bending and reaching required. Climb ladder to replace light bulbs, air filters, and clean fans, retrieve food products from storage area. Uses any and all equipment in regard to preparation and storage of meals. May be under constant risk and discomfort due to working conditions. Minimal contact with public, less than 50% of duties with public.WORKING CONDITIONS / ENVIRONMENT: The cook works independent of a supervisor and must be able to prepare meals using appropriate methods. Keeps inventory of all food orders for the facility. Must be able to work flexible hours. Responsible for sanitary conditions in kitchen and food storage areas. Ability to maintain personal hygiene. Responsible for record keeping as required. Supervises the inmates when they are working in the kitchen.