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MorphoTrust USA Global Account Manager in Exton, Pennsylvania

Job Description.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; IDEMIA is the global leader in identity and security. Our products and services provide mission critical services for state and federal government agencies and leading technology companies. We are a global company leveraging the latest technologies to deliver world-class products spanning public and private sectors such as finance, telecom, identity, security, retail, sports entertainment, commercial, government, and IOT. We use a variety of technologies and approaches to deliver frictionless security to our customers..and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;Job Description Summary:.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; The Global Account Manager will develop and maintain relationships with IDEMIA s major channel partners while positioning IDEMIA as the preferred biometric vendor of these partners..and.nbsp; The Global Account Manager will provide well-defined visibility into the partners.and.nbsp; organization and have a full understanding of its key influencers..and.nbsp;Essential Job Functions (includes but is not limited to):.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Continuously increase and reinforce awareness and understanding of our offering and influence the following levels within our partners.and.nbsp; organization:.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Pre-sales / Sales.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Marketing.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Supply chain/procurement.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Product management (this part shall be done in close cooperation with Product Management Team and Partner Integration Team).and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Capture and prioritize the roadmap needs coming from the partners, and coordinate regular meetings between product teams of IDEMIA and the partners to ensure there is a clear and up to date understanding of:.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * how the partners use our product and resultant dependencies.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * missing features/capabilities.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * future evolutions needed.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * opportunities for growth.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * industry / market trends.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Create and maintain partner key contacts mapping, which ensures.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * all key decision makers at the partners, impacting IDEMIA business growth are clearly identified.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * all major stakeholders at IDEMIA and the partners can identify their relevant counterparts, and understand communication/escalation guidelines to support an efficient and productive business partnership.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * IDEMIA parts and prices are correctly loaded on partners.and.nbsp; ERP systems and kept up to date. This also includes ensuring other important information such as certifications, export codes, shipping weight/dimensions etc. are all correctly loaded.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Track and report on partner sales trends (by product, by region .and.amp; by market (horizontal and vertical where possible).and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Partners.and.nbsp; websites correctly display relevant IDEMIA logo, company overview, products, descriptions, brochures etc..and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Identify key promotional activities with the partners to include:.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Partner User conferences.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Partner Sales seminars.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Partner Roadshows.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Partner internal webinars (e.g. to partner sales team).and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Partner externa web