KBR Civil / Structural QC Engineer (Based in Luxembourg) in ENG, United Kingdom

Title: Civil / Structural QC Engineer (Based in Luxembourg)

Location: GB-ENG-Leatherhead

Job Number: 1078256


knowledgeable and familiar with industry specifications, codes and standards;

knowledgeable and familiar with similar project quality requirements;

must be able to monitor contractors / subcontractors for deficiencies;

must have the ability to effectively coordinate the efforts of any assigned personnel;

must demonstrate leadership skills, and be able to motivate any assigned personnel;

must be computer literate, proficient with (Microsoft Office or equivalent); and

must be fluent in English with strong written, and oral communication skills


able to communicate in a second language, ideally German and or French.


Responsible for the inspection phases of construction activities ensuring that work executed by contractors, and or their subcontractors’ meets the quality objectives of the Project. Under general supervision, solves complex problems requiring detailed knowledge of field and industry best practices. Uses experience and problem solving skills to develop and improve processes.

Under general supervision capable of:

Monitoring, expediting, and supervising all contractors’ inspection activities;

Ensuring all work is carried out in accordance with the Projects quality requirements

Evaluating Contractors’ competencies, procedures and work processes;

Ensuring Contractors’ staffing and competencies are maintained throughout the construction phase;

Ensuring Contractors’ operate a field construction quality surveillance program as per approved quality manual and plans;

Providing input for construction quality issues;

Approving incoming materials by confirming specifications; conducting visual and dimensional checks; rejecting and returning unacceptable materials;

Conducting visual inspections; checking compliance with approved ITP’s;

Documenting inspection results, completing reports and logs;

Summarizing re-work and waste; and

Maintaining a safe and healthy work environment, complying with legal regulations.

Job: Construction Management