Reading & Math,Inc. Preschool Literacy Tutor - Educator Corps - Delano School Readiness in Delano, Minnesota

Preschool Literacy Tutor - Educator Corps - Delano School Readiness Location Name Delano School Readiness Location US-MN-Delano Bi-Weekly Living Allowance $227.00 - $895.00 Housing Allowance $0.00-$88.00 Education Award $1,566.00 - $4,114.00 Site District Delano Public School District Job ID 2018-17426 Overview Position Summary A Preschool Literacy Tutor Educator Corps is a current employee (classroom teacher, para or aid) of the service site where they serve. The tutor serves in a classroom of children ages 3 5 to develop children s early literacy skills in preparation for kindergarten. Tutors are trained in research-based early literacy strategies and collaborate with the classroom teaching staff to enhance daily literacy opportunities and conduct literacy assessments to increase the number of children on target with early reading predictors. This is an AmeriCorps service member position with the AmeriCorps program, Minnesota Reading Corps. Responsibilities Essential Functions Early Literacy Instruction and Assessment Provide intentional, meaningful and fun literacy instruction during all parts of the day to improve the early literacy skills of children ages 3 5, specifically focusing on the Big Five Emergent Literacy Skills that give children the opportunity to talk, read, write and play every day. Write a theme related lesson plan each week that reflects daily talking, reading and writing with children. Plan and facilitate small group literacy instruction as part of the daily routine. Enhance the classroom literacy environment, as described in the Early Literacy and Language Classroom Observation (ELLCO), to achieve a Basic or Better score on the ELLCO by spring. Implement elements of the Literacy and Math Rich Schedule, including greeting children at arrival, helping children write their name at sign-in, having Strive for 5 mealtime conversations, writing a daily message, conducting a Repeated Read Aloud, journaling, enhancing literacy during choice time, leading one-on-one and/or small group targeted interventions daily for at-risk children, and leading Big 5 transitions. Provide targeted early literacy support to a minimum of 5-7 children daily in a one-on-one and/or small group setting using scripted early literacy interventions; achieve a high degree of fidelity to the scripted interventions. Assess, with high level of accuracy, child outcomes and progress using tri-annual benchmark assessments and ongoing progress monitoring assessments. Identify students who qualify for targeted one-on-one and/or small group Minnesota Reading Corps tutoring services based on assessment data and direction from the Internal Coach and Master Coach. Record student and program data completely and accurately in an online database on a weekly basis; maintain confidentiality of all student data. Participate in on-site coaching sessions (includes observation of tutor) two times per month to review student progress, plan, problem-solve and set goals; act on constructive feedback from coaching sessions. Provide opportunities for family literacy involvement for Reading Corps children, including implementing the Reading Corps family literacy intervention - Talk, Read and Write with Me! Communication Communicate and interact with students in an age and developmentally appropriate way. Act on constructive feedback provided by Internal and Master Coach and Program Staff. Build professional relationships and communicate regularly with classroom teachers, Internal Coach, and the Master Coach regarding student schedules, interventions, student progress, etc. Communicate effectively with Reading Corps staff and site personnel. Attendance Regular, timely attendance during school hours Monday-Friday, along with before/after school hours as scheduled. Commitment to the entire term(s) of service, including making regular and adequate progress toward the minimum total service hours required by the Member Se