Bass Pro Shops Nitro Pre Assembly Boat Manufacturing in Clinton, Missouri


This position is responsible for the final touch clean up of all boats and the installation of a specific part, furniture, or accessories during the rigging stage of our process.

Tools and Equipment:

A variety of hand tools such as: small grinders, drills, screw drivers, nut drivers, saws, and vacuums. Standard hand tools such as pliers, wrenches, sockets, knives, carpet tools, scrapping tools and squeegees. Protective equipment such as safety glasses with side shields.


  1. Select the appropriate part as to color and size for the boat the part is being installed into

  2. Pre-cut hose or trim to correct length to fit appropriate boat model

  3. Drill holes in appropriate location on deck into which screws or bolts will be inserted to secure various accessories and parts

  4. Prim pre-cut openings for better fit if necessary

  5. Install assigned part and accessories using a variety of securing devices such as: screws, bolts, hold down brackets, and hose clamps

  6. Clean boats using various chemicals

  7. Apply decals

  8. Change vacuum filters as needed

  9. Other duties as assigned


Light lifting, under 20 lbs.

Light carrying, under 20 lbs.

Moderate lifting, 21-59 lbs

Moderate carrying, 21 – 59 lbs

Straight pulling


Repeated bending

Reaching over shoulders

Use of fingers

Both hand required




Repeated stretching

Specific visual requirements

Ability to distinguish basic colors

Ability to distinguish shades of color

Hearing (aid permitted)


Outside and inside

Extreme heat

Extreme humidity

Extreme noise, intermittent


Fumes, smoke or gasses

Solvents (degreasing agents)

Slippery or uneven walking surfaces

Working alone

Working with others