SoutheastHEALTH CVOR First Assistant II in Cape Girardeau, Missouri

CVOR First Assistant II

Nursing - RN
Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Surgery Full-Time



Duties focus on assisting the operating surgeon, providing surgical field exposure, providing hemostasis via clamping, cauterization and tying “bleeders”, incising and suturing tissue, providing wound closure and dressingsBegin:

Privileges/Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Assists in multiple specialties demonstrating strong clinical skills proving versatility

  • Prepares thoroughly for assigned cases

  • Reviews preference cards. Communicates necessary information to ensure patient safety and efficiency

  • Correctly uses, cares for, cleans and handles instruments, supplies and equipment

  • Demonstrates the application of the principles of aseptic techniques in a knowledgeable manner. Corrects observed or suspected breaks in sterile technique according to Policy and Procedure

  • Demonstrates the ability to prioritize and organize the surgical field

  • Participates/Assists/Conducts an orderly instrument count according to Policy and Procedure

  • Reviews the medical record according to policy and procedure

  • Assists with or performs vein harvesting for coronary artery bypass graft (CABG)

  • Incises and sutures tissue and provides surgical field exposure

  • Provides hemostasis via clamping, tying, cauterization, etc.

  • Efficiently and quickly assembles implant devices

  • Efficiently and quickly changes mayo set-up to accommodate various stages of procedures

  • Assists with or performs wound closure

  • Observes for safe placement of towel clips, cautery, drills, saws, etc.

  • Budgets time effectively. Scrubs in the appropriate time to prepare/assist with set up. Assists with room preparation and turnover in an efficient and organized manner

  • Ensures on-time start efficiency (Assists with taking the patient back 15” prior to scheduled start time when appropriate)

  • Performs decontamination processes safely using infection control techniques

  • Applies principles of tissue handling

  • “Scrubs” and “sets up” the case and assists with gowning and gloving

  • Independently attends to duties of assigned specialty areas

  • Follows policy with universal protocol. Uses two patient identifiers (name and birthdate), identifies surgeon’s initials and/or mark for site marking (when applicable), initiates and/or participates in the “time-out” immediately prior to skin incision

  • Utilizes universal precautions on all cases

  • Insert and remove foley catheter as directed by the Circulating RN or Surgeon

  • Anticipates needs of surgeon and acts promptly and appropriately

  • Demonstrates professional responsibility. Communicates necessary information with the charge nurse/office staff in a timely manner. Ascertains the charge nurse is aware when you leave the department

  • Performs procedures safely with minimal supervision. Requests assistance when performing unfamiliar procedure, recognizes own limitations

  • Demonstrates an understanding of surgical aseptic technique and is knowledgeable of the methods of sterilization and disinfection

  • Identifies and corrects potential surgical hazards and safety measures to prevent injury including patient and occupational related hazards

  • Performs as a resource person to department staff involving assigned duties

  • Listens effectively and provides appropriate information to members of the department and other personnel

  • Works with Clinical Coordinator for specialty area decisions regarding performance improvement outcomes

  • Completes assigned ordering-related work on a timely basis

  • Anticipates changes within specialty and communicates same to the Clinical Coordinator and staff

  • Works hours as needed and requested by leadership taking rotating First Assistant call in addition to scheduled call for your service.

  • Duties require interaction with different patient age groups, i.e. neonate, child, adolescents, adults, and the elderly, and requires recognition that different age groups require specialized attention to care


  • Registered Nurse or Certified surgical technologist preferred with expectation of completing certification within one year of assuming position

  • The preferred candidate will be a Registered Nurse or Certified surgical technologist with three to five years operating experience as a first assistant

  • CPR certified

  • Individuals may receive further training under the direction of operating surgeons who determine the required level of expertise needed to assist

  • Communication and an attitude of responsiveness is absolutely key to all positions in the peri-operative area. A “can-do” attitude is required for the exemplary customer service expected

  • Teamwork along with a strong work ethic and a positive attitude are required

  • These traits equate to excellent service to patients, family members, physicians and co-workers

  • Teamwork also enhances patient safety as peri-operative staff works together. “Together we make a difference through our commitment to excellence in health care.”

  • Current licensure as a Registered Nurse by the Missouri State Board of Nursing or current licensure by the State of Missouri or Liaison Council on Certification, if Certified Surgical Technician

  • Graduate from an accredited School of Nursing, Surgical Technologist program or equivalent work experience is required

  • Must be able to read, write and speak English