Aultman Health Foundation STAFF NURSE - OPERATING ROOM in CANTON, Ohio


The primary purpose of the position of Registered Nurse in the Operating Room is to provide clinical leadership and patient care based upon the nursing process and within the framework of the Ohio Nurse Practice Act. The patient care in the operating room encompasses both technical and professional components.


1.Has variable shift rotation that includes but may not

be limited to 7a-3:30pm, 9a-5:30pm, 3p-11:30pm

11p-7:30am or 11a-7:30pm.

  1. Stands for long periods of time.

3.Breaks and lunch are coordinated with other personnel and workload activity.

  1. Blood and body fluid exposure 1.

  2. Frequent changes in duties throughout working hours.

  3. Involved with personnel, patients, and physicians under

  4. all circumstances and conditions, especially high stress


  1. Required to take 'out of hospital' call.


  2. Graduate of an approved school of professional nursing.

  3. Current licensure to practice as a registered nurse.

  4. Satisfactorily completes Aultman Hospital Operating Room

R.N. orientation program.


Performance Ratings: 0= Below Standard

1= Meets Standard

2= Exceeds Standard

NA= Not Applicable


EMPLOYEE __________________


  1. Demonstrates knowledge and skill necessary to

Provide Perioperative Care. _

  1. Demonstrates by adaptation of intraoperative care plan

knowledge of AGE specific factors necessary to safely

and effectively provide perioperative care.

  1. Demonstrates by developing and implementing age

Appropriate care plan. _

  1. Communicates appropriately for age of patient.

  2. Assesses patients of all ages for signs and symptoms of

abuse and refers to charge person or unit director as appropriate. _

  1. Patient charges are accurate and complete. _

  2. Requisitions for ordered exams are complete and

accurate. _

  1. Specimens are prepared and handles according to

procedure. _

  1. Demonstrates by usage, knowledge of the safe operations

of equipment related to perioperative care. _


    • Maintains current license/certification/registry as

mandated by the State of Ohio. _

    • Completes and adheres to knowledge gained through

annual employee educational marathon. i.e. safety, CPR,

competency, TB testing. _

  1. Attends or reads minuets of unit meetings.

  2. Adhere to hospital policies of time and attendance _

  3. Adheres to departmental dress code. _

  4. Actively serves on committees for the improvement of

Patient care. _

7.*Maintains confidentiality of information regarding

patient, employees, hospital and physicians. _

8.Demonstrates behavior reflective of the mission,

values and operating guidelines of AultmanHospital. _



  1. Shows flexibility in working hours and is available

for call as assigned. _

  1. Makes appropriate recommendations and /or participates

in the implementation of change in order to improve

overall quality of service. _

  1. Utilizes available educational resources to maintain

and develop knowledge and skills. _

  1. Provides appropriate education for patient and/or

family. _

  1. Recognizes self-responsibility and accountability for

own practice. _

  1. *Uses Personal Protection Equipment and utilizes

    STANDARD PRECAUTIONS (former Universal Precautions)

when performing tasks presenting the possibility of

exposure to blood or body fluids. _


  1. By establishing priorities and utilization of physician

preference, prepares the OR room and/or instrument

according to procedure and patient needs. _

  1. Demonstrates knowledge and manual skill in the

Handling of instruments and suture material. _

  1. Demonstrates knowledge for the safe operations,

maintenance and repair of equipment related to assigned

job duties/responsibilities. _

  1. Room clean up is done according to procedure and OR

room is left in orderly condition. _


  1. Assigns nursing staff according to need and skill

level. _

  1. Coordinates the function of the OR team through

anticipation and knowledge of procedures. _

  1. Prioritizes the work load and facilitates in maintaining

stock supplies in a cost effective manner. _

  1. Communicates with the next shift the status of the

department and any information on patients, equipment

or procedures that would affect the surgery schedule. __



  1. Communicates with surgeon,staff,anesthesia and unit

director on call if necessary, status of cases or

problems concerning cases. __

  1. Communicates with other departments information that

would effect the schedule or alter patient care. __

Equal Opportunity Employer Statement: Aultman Health Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE) that values and respects the importance of a diverse and inclusive workforce. It is the policy of the company to recruit, hire, train and promote persons in all job titles without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, national origin, protected veteran status or disability. We recognize that diversity and inclusion is a driving force in the success of our company.

AultCare is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE) that will make reasonable accommodation to enable individuals with disabilities to apply and compete for employment opportunities for which they are qualified. To request an accommodation, please email our Human Resources department, for further assistance.