Georgia Employer PROCESS VERIFICATION INSPECTOR in Byron, Georgia

GENERAL DUTIES: Inspects ammunition and components in loading plant and magazine areas to detect unsafe or unusable items.* Inspect items for dimensional or physical characteristics.* Visually examine explosive components for deterioration, freedom of movement of parts, clearance between parts, and dimensions of specified parts.* Inspect incoming and outgoing shipments for proper loading, bracing and marking.* Prepare reports on findings of inspections.* May observe loading or pelletizing operations or processes for quality of production & observation of safety regulations.* May monitor employee(s) engaged in salvage or destruction of unserviceable ammunition and explosives.* Will use measuring devices such as calipers, micrometers and others as needed to perform job requirements.* Should have working knowledge of blueprints (to read and interpret as needed).QUALIFICATIONS:* Knowledge of inspection equipment.* Knowledge of testing equipment.* Knowledge of the Quality Assurance testing procedures or inspection experience.* Ability to communicate effectively and count accurately.* Must demonstrate good solid judgment/decision making abilities. ACCOUNTABILITY:Reports to the Supervisor of the Quality Assurance Department.INTERACTION:Should be able to coordinate the inspection and testing requirements with other departments.WORK ENVIRONMENT:Test laboratory, test range, all other ordnance production department areas and Quality Assurance office.Openings for Day and Night Shift.