MPG Inspector Final in Browntown, Wisconsin

Description/Job Summary

Under the supervision of the Quality Assurance Supervisor (Inspection), performs various duties within the inspection department, including inspection of finished castings per process, sort castings for reblast, assists in skidding and tagging product for shipment, and any other quality based production tasks in a safe, efficient, and quality manner.


  1. Performs individual inspections of each casting using Company inspection procedures and guidelines.

  2. Determines acceptability of product using process card and customer specifications. Returns product which is unacceptable for

rework when necessary.

  1. Performs physical testing, such as, BHN adequately per requirements of process card and cast date.

  2. Assists in the tagging and palletizing of inspected product ready for shipment.

  3. Within duties, inspectors may be stationed at areas, such as, grind lines and in any other area where inspection is necessary. An inspector maintains positive and team orientated atmosphere with management, supervision, and hourly employees with an ultimate goal of efficiency, quality, and safety.

  4. Quality inventory counts.

  5. Recording scrap and returns as needed.

  6. Additional duties as may be required.

Required Education

Minimum of completion of the tenth (10) grade, high school.

Required Qualifications

  • Training and experience in foundry production processes of not less than one year or equivalent industrial inspection training.

  • Must have good interactive people skills and the ability to comprehend written and verbal directions.

  • Must possess physical ability to move freely throughout the facility, walk, stand, bend, lift fifty pounds on a regular basis, and operate powered cranes as needed.

  • Must be trained in hazard recognition, PPE requirements and use, powered crane operation, and any other safety requirements for employment at AMM - Browntown.