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FNZ Project Technical Lead in Brno, Czech Republic

One of our most important tasks in development in FNZ globally is helping developers work more efficiently, decreasing defect rate and improving internal code quality. To support that, we need to have technical leads who will take ownership of all related activities at the project level.

Specific Role Responsibilities

  • Help developers understand the problem at hand before their build starts, help them with problem decomposition.

  • Provide ad-hoc consultations for developers and do pairwork when necessary (to analyse work inefficiencies and remove technical blockers).

  • Help developers to find and reuse existing solutions for their builds, and to design their code to make future reusability as easy as possible.

  • Supervise technical quality (e.g. by doing pairwork, ad-hoc reviews, code reviews and spot-checks in promoted code).

  • Give fast, continuous feedback to developers as their build progresses.

  • Make sure functional reviews (analyst -> developer; developer -> tester) happen properly and every time.

  • Move team towards doing continuous functional reviews at multiple points during builds (i.e. aim to extend cross-role cooperation).

  • Help break large build items into sub-items (to enable more efficient and detailed progress tracking).

  • Make sure CI builds are green or being fixed immediately after break.

  • Make sure every release has developer support allocated and problems are picked up without delay.

  • Prepare technical part of production releases.

  • Support regression testing by teaching and encouraging devs to write automated tests and unit tests.

  • Enforce correct usage of coding standards within the team.

  • Introduce company-wide development practices/principles, components, and tools to the project.

  • Actively look for weak points (e.g. parts of system that are too difficult/costly to maintain, features with high defect rate, scalability concerns,...) and address them.

  • Cooperate with other teams to learn about new options and improvements for the project (e.g. see what tools from automation team would be useful for project devs,...).

  • Fulfil responsibilities above by delegating some of the tasks to developers (to gradually train them to his level of expertise).

  • Take an active role in understanding the business domain and contributing to requirements gathering.

  • Liaise with network administrators, systems analysts, and software engineers to assist in resolving problems with software products or company software systems.

  • Good general knowledge of FNZ domain and available shared components

  • Authority to delegate technical tasks to developers (within role responsibilities)

  • Recommend and approve training for developers (in reasonable amount)

  • Proactive approach, taking own initiative to improve code quality and work efficiency of developers

FNZ is a global FinTech firm, transforming the way financial institutions serve their wealth management customers. We partner with banks, insurers and asset managers to help consumers better achieve their financial goals. The business has grown rapidly in recent years, as its institutional customers have used FNZ’s platform to improve transparency, choice and drive down long-term costs for consumers of wealth management products across all segments: from mass-market workplace pensions to mass-affluent and high-net-worth clients.

Today, FNZ is responsible for over £330 billion in assets under administration (AuA) held by around 5 million customers of some of the world’s largest financial institutions, including Standard Aberdeen, Santander, Lloyds Bank, Vanguard, Generali, Barclays, Quilter, UOB, Aviva, Zurich, UBS, BNZ, Findex and FNZC. In total, FNZ partners with over 60 financial institutions across the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia. The company has over 1,400 employees in the UK, Czech Republic, Shanghai, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

ID: 2019-3302

External Company URL: http://www.fnz.com/

Address Line 1: Rašínova 637/7