Boise State University Director, Student Services and Academic Advising in Boise, Idaho

This job was posted by : For more information, please see: Dec 28, 2018, 11:59:00 PM&&Boise State University, powered by creativity and innovation, stands uniquely positioned in the Northwest as a metropolitan research university of distinction. Learn more about Boise State and the City of Boise at . Boise State University is committed to increasing the diversity of its faculty, staff, students, and academic program offerings and to strengthening sensitivity to diversity throughout the institution. Boise State University is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer, and members of historically underrepresented groups are especially encouraged to apply. We are a welcoming campus that supports diversity and inclusion.&&&&&b&Position Overview: &/b& &&&& The Director of the College of Health Sciences Student Services and Academic Advising (SSAA) Office is responsible to develop and administer an integrated advising and student support program utilizing SSAA staff, peer advisors, and faculty (when needed) to assist continuing, new traditional, transfer and perspective College of Health Sciences students to maximize their educational experiences at Boise State University. &&&&&b&&&&/b&&&&&&b&Duties and Responsibilities:&/b& &&&& Oversees the day-to-day operation of the College of Health Sciences (COHS) centralized Student Services and Academic Advising Center and provides leadership for delivering college-wide advising, making effective use of faculty, staff and student resources as appropriate. Develop and implement a quality academic advising program ensuring that advising is available and accessible to all current and prospective COHS students and is geared to each stage of a student's academic career. &&&&&ul&&li& Manages the operations of the Student Services and Academic Advising Center. Coordinates the hiring, training, and professional development of classified staff, peer advisors, orientation staff, and the professional advising team. &/li&&/ul&&&&&&ul&&li& Directs the development and implementation of college-centered presentations for summer orientations and university-wide recruitment programs. &/li&&/ul&&ul&&li& Coordinates the COHS's undergraduate recruitment functions with college-wide and university-wide efforts. Participates in university advising, orientation programs, and registration advisory committees, as well as appropriate college committees. Serves as an ombudsman to assure that COHS decision-making adequately reflects student concerns. &/li&&/ul&&ul&&li& Provides student academic advising to prospective and current COHS students regarding degree programs and university and general education requirements; assist students in assessing their interests and abilities, explore career choices and aid the students in setting reasonable and attainable academic and career goals. &/li&&/ul&&ul&&li& Director is responsible to develop and oversee the SSAA operating budget. &/li&&/ul&&&&&&ul&&li& Develops COHS promotional materials. Coordinates the development, dissemination, and updating of accurate and appropriate COHS information by means of electronic communication, web site, and other appropriate means. Coordinates the development of informational programs and materials for COHS students on majors and careers. Generates and reviews reports on student use of services. &/li&&/ul&&&&&&ul&&li& Interfaces and collaborates with college, university, community, state, and national resources appropriate to support the mission of the SSAA. &/li&&/ul&&&&&&ul&&li& Develops and manages special projects as requested by the associate dean. &/li&&/ul&&&&&&b&Minimum Qualifications&/b& &&&&&ul&&li& Bachelor's Degree in Education, Counseling, Student Affairs or related field or equivalent experience &/li&&/ul& &&ul&&li& 5 years of relevant experience, including 2 years of academic advising experience and 1 year managerial experience &/li&&/ul&&&&&&b&Preferred Qualifications&/b& &&&&&ul&&li& Master's Degree in Education, Counseling, Student Affairs or related field &/li&&/ul&&&&&&b&The successful candidate will possess the following knowledge, skills and abilities: &/b& &&&&&ul&&li& Ability to interpret academic program curricula to provide effective student advising. &/li&&/ul&&ul&&li& Basic computer skills, customer service, oral and written communication, and problem solving skills. &/li&&/ul&&ul&&li& Knowledge of or ability to learn a student information system. &/li&&/ul&&ul&&li& Interest, experience, and/or ability to promote cultural competency and/or diversity &/li&&/ul&&&&&&b&Salary and benefits: &/b&$67,000 per year, plus an excellent benefits package is available for eligible employees, for more information visit: . &&&&&b&&&&/b&&&&&&b&Required Application Materials: &/b& Please submit a cover letter indicating your interest and qualifications for this position. Attach a resume that includes employment history (including dates of employment). &&