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Universal Language Service, Inc. Sign Language Interpreter Coordinator in Bellevue, Washington

Position Objective:The Sign Language Interpreter Coordinator is responsible for the complete end-to-end management of Sign Language appointments, improving fill rates for all Sign Language jobs, recruiting additional Sign Language interpreters, performing interpreter outreach, training Universal staff where needed on the specific needs of deaf, blind, and deafblind patients and how this translates into their work, and representing the interests this group of interpreters during organizational discussions on policies and procedures.Key Responsibilities:Data EntryEnter and/or update ASL jobs (interpreter requests) received via phone, fax or email into Salesforce (emailed jobs should be zeroed out daily)Communicate with customers to clarify details of ASL requests to help minimize errorsMonitor Un-Typed Requests folder to make sure urgent requests are entered ASAP and forward documents to other departments when appropriateSchedulingComplete call lists as assigned by the Scheduling ManagerMonitor list views for new ASL requests, ensuring nothing is missedUse advanced scheduling techniques to fill interpreter requests as neededKeep team apprised of any changes or updates regarding specific ASL jobs, customers or interpreters that come in over the course of the dayRespond to email inquiries that come into the Job email inbox pertaining to ASL in a timely and professional mannerConfirmationsConfirm ASL interpreter requests via phone and fax, prioritizing jobs according to urgencyWork in cooperation with department sub-divisions as complications arise regarding job fulfillment (e.g. re-entering requests, give backs, To Be Arranged, etc.)Monitor list views to make sure all ASL confirmations are being made in a timely manner, ensuring that nothing gets skippedASL Interpreter Accounts (in cooperation with Interpreter Accounts Department)Keep interpreter's online profiles updated and completeFollow up on incorrect contact information (addresses, phone numbers, emails, etc.)Use these calls as an opportunity to encourage email and text notifications in an effort to automate some processesMass-email pre-approved messages such as customer policy changes, messages from customers, and messages from ULSBecome familiar with medical vernacular as it pertains to immunization requirements in order to become more effective at spotting acceptable documents and following up with contractors when they submit inadequate documentationFollow up with interpreters on avoidable exclusionsManage email inbox, responding to interpreters and flagging and/or forwarding emails to appropriate parties as neededASL Interpreter RecruitingUse various sources (e.g. professional testing agencies) to bring on new contractorsGather the initial documents required to begin working with ULS and helping contractors through the beginning stagesReceive and process inbound interpreter leads (emailed resumes, applications from the ULS website, etc.) and following up with the applicantsTogether with manager and Scheduling Department, help to improve fill rates by identifying languages with a historically high decline rate and focusing recruiting efforts to address those deficitsRe-recruit inactive contractors, as well as interpreters with Active status who aren't taking jobsMass email Pending jobs to inactive interpreters as a strategy to encourage them towards active status againRecruit from Active roster for specific facilities to meet the needs of ULS customersIncrease certification